Jennifer Lopez's Daughter Emme Stunningly Sings Alicia Keys' Song

Jennifer Lopez is a popular singer and actress who has been on the scene for years. It’s becoming obvious that Jennifer isn’t going anywhere and, thanks to a video that she recently released, it seems that her eleven-year-old daughter may soon be joining her on the stage!

49-year-old Lopez was going over a rehearsal for a performance on the “Today” show, when 11-year-old Emme appears on the scene. Lopez pushes her daughter to sing, suggesting that she do some “Alicia Keys” before telling the piano player to accompany.

When the piano starts playing “If I Ain’t Got You”, Emme is quick to stun everyone around her with her beautiful voice and ability to hit the right notes.

Those in the room were stunned by the child’s ability to sing, and gave her a round of cheering and yells of excitement when she was finished.

It’s obvious that Lopez was proud of her little girl as well as she gave her a hug and suggested that she go on tour with her.

While Lopez might be ready to welcome her child into the performance industry, Emme simply shrugged at the suggestion and replied that she wasn’t sure.

Lopez put a version of the clip on Instagram, giving everyone the chance to not only enjoy her little girl’s show, but also a look at her overall rehearsal.

Jeff Kravitz/ FilmMagic, Inc/ Getty Images

Emme and her twin brother, Max, have been gathering a lot of interest lately with Lopez releasing videos of a family interview where they asked their mom personal questions.

What do you think of Emme’s performance? From the sound of it, she might be able to follow in her mom’s footsteps as soon as she decides that she wants to. Help Emme get her start by passing her performance along to your friends and family.