Jennifer Lopez Wears Dress With Light Imagery Projected Onto In While Performing At American Idol

On American Idol, Jennifer Lopez took to the stage to put on a stunning performance of her song "Feel The Light" from the animated children's film Home. While her singing was magnificent, it was her dress that stole the show.

When she first appears on the stage, she is initially seen in a white gown that, while elegant, isn't anything too out of the ordinary for someone with J-Lo's class. However, this was by no means an ordinary dress.

As she sings, the camera pulls out to show that the dress is actually spread out on the floor around her in a perfect circle, which complements the white spheres around her to suggest a galactic setting (in keeping with the theme of the film).

Suddenly, the dress then changes from white to a brilliant display of the galaxy as the lights begin to show don on it to create a truly out-of-this-world effect.

The song "Feel The Light" is one of the theme songs of the 2015 film Home, in which a young alien whose people have taken over Earth must team up with a human girl as he goes on the run from his own.

J-Lo herself provides the voice of one of the film's main characters.

J-Lo's song is meant to convey an encouraging message that has a universal appeal. As such, the dress and the accompanying light show doesn't just fit in with the style and art of the film; it conveys the universal importance of her message.

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