Jennifer Aniston Spills On The Crucial Element That Keeps Her Looking Fit In Her 50s

Mar 28, 2023 by apost team

As one of the biggest Hollywood stars of this generation, Jennifer Aniston has inspired awe and envy with her jaw-dropping looks at the age of 54. Her incredible beauty and figure have galvanized countless media outlets to try to uncover her health and fitness secrets. The star has revealed the key practices that go into her daily routine that keep her in tip-top shape – and some of them may come as a surprise.

Aniston rose to fame after nabbing the role of Rachel Green in arguably the biggest sitcom of the ’90s, “Friends.” She won an Emmy award for her iconic role, as well as Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild awards. Her character was extremely popular and is considered one of the most memorable female roles in television history. After the show’s run ended after 10 years in 2004, Aniston pivoted her career focus to films and became a huge box-office draw. Some of her biggest hits include “Bruce Almighty,” “The Break-Up,” “Marley & Me,” “Horrible Bosses” and “We’re the Millers.” 

One of the industry’s highest-paid actresses, films in which Aniston has played a lead role have grossed over $1.6 billion worldwide. She received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2012. Aniston also established her own production company, Echo Films, in 2008, which is behind two Netflix films, “Dumplin’” and “Murder Mystery 2.”

Aniston made a return to television in 2019 for the drama series “The Morning Show” starring alongside Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carell. She also started her own haircare brand, LolaVie, and represented other companies such as Smartwater, Aveeno, Idorsia US and Vital Proteins.

With such a packed agenda, it’s mindblowing that Aniston has the energy to keep up with it all. However, by sticking to a few daily practices, she’s kept herself energized to sustain such a hectic schedule.

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Jennifer Aniston (2017), (JB Lacroix/WireImage)

As Aniston was working to establish a name for herself early on in her career, she admitted she neglected her health and had some bad habits. She told Self in 2022 that, in her 20s, she wasn’t particularly disciplined when it came to her well-being. She said:

“Especially when we’re young, in our 20s, we pride ourselves on sleeping for two hours, four hours, and we’re great. We pop up and out of bed. And it’s not until the accumulation of that lack of sleep adds up and you start to really feel the effects of it.”

She added: “There were nights when I would just not wash my face, or when I was just like, Oh, I’m just so tired. Let’s fall asleep on the couch. Falling asleep on the couch and watching television and waking up at three in the morning in my twenties was not so great.” 

Aniston revealed to People that she also struggled with insomnia, which kept her awake “counting cracks in the wall.”

“I think it started somewhere in my 30s or even earlier, but you just don't start to notice the effects of a lack of sleep when we're younger because we’re so invincible,” she said.

However, the “Just Go With It” star said once she “hit a wall,” she “finally decided to do something about it.” 

“Now, I wash my face (before sleeping). If I am lucky, I get a hot bath, which really helps, and usually I will do my meditation from there: I do stretches, I do some yoga, and then I do a meditation and I just pray. Then I will sleep,” she added.

Now, Aniston credits a healthy sleep regimen with improving almost every other aspect of her health.

Jennifer Aniston (2023), (Marc Piasecki/WireImage)

While many might first turn to exercise or diet when pursuing health and fitness goals, Aniston believes the root of peak mental and physical condition can be traced to one thing – sleep. However, the actress admitted it’s a factor she long took for granted.

“Sleep is usually the last question on the list when you’re at the doctor’s because everything else seems more important. And now it’s the first question on my list. Everything starts with sleep. If I haven’t slept properly, my exercise is crap and my diet is out the window. I’m just diminishing returns,” she said.

She added getting adequate rest shouldn’t be considered taboo. “I think it’s just about shifting your perspective a bit and understanding that self-care is not selfish – it’s a positive because you are able to really be present and useful to your family when you are well rested,” she remarked.

Now, Aniston is a champion for getting a good night’s snooze. 

“Sleep is extraordinary. It’s beautiful,” Aniston told InStyle. She added: “All of your body is getting all the work done that it put itself through during the day. You realize a lack of sleep leads to all sorts of health issues.”

The star also prioritizes rest and recovery, knowing it will benefit her more than going flat-out at the gym.

“I don’t push myself so hard (in a workout) because that will lead to an injury when your body and your brain aren’t fully rested,” she told the outlet. 

Instead, Aniston sticks to a consistent bedtime routine and winds down her day with calming steps, such as baths, meditation, essential oils on her body and no more screentime. She said:

“I just try to do my best and just figure out everything possible that will ensure a good night’s sleep.” 

What are your thoughts on Jennifer Aniston’s focus on sleep? Is getting a good night’s sleep a big priority for you, too? Let us know and pass this along to friends and family you think might find this interesting.

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