Jennifer Aniston Chose Not 'To Stay In A Situation Out Of Fear' When Her Marriage Failed

May 12, 2022 by apost team

Jennifer Aniston is an American actress that rose to international fame for her role as Rachel Green in the hit series "Friends," which aired from 1994 to 2004. Born to two actors, John Aniston and Nancy Dow, she came to acting early in life. While attending her Waldorf school, Aniston fell in love with acting at age 11.
She later enrolled at Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts in Manhattan. After high school, Aniston worked part-time jobs like waitressing and telemarketing to support herself while she performed in off-Broadway productions. She would eventually move to Los Angeles, California, where she would soon hit fame. 

She won a primetime Emmy Award for playing Rachel, as well as a Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Award. Her character was extremely popular and is considered one of the best female roles in television history. 

Aniston has also starred in a number of films and is considered one of Hollywood's highest-paid actresses. Films that star Aniston in a leading role have grossed over 1.6 billion dollars worldwide, 12 of those films earned over 100 million dollars. Her most popular film roles were in "Bruce Almighty," "The Break-Up," "Horrible Bosses," and "We're the Millers."

With Aniston's major A-list reputation, it is no surprise her name has been in and out of tabloids and press since she stepped on the scene many years ago. When it comes to her personal life, she has shut down rumors and says she has no regrets about her life decisions.

Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston (2001), (Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

In 2000 Aniston tied the knot to her first husband, Brad Pitt. After Aniston and Pitt split and went their separate ways, Aniston eventually moved on. In 2007 on the set of "Tropic Thunder," Aniston first met actor Justin Theroux although they wouldn't start dating until 2011. The couple got engaged in 2012 but didn't tie the knot until August of 2015. The two were married from 2015 until 2017, when they divorced amicably. Just like Aniston and Pitt continued to be friends, she and Theroux have also continued to remain on friendly terms with each other. It's not usual that a divorced couple can stay friends after their divorce, so this says a lot about the character of Aniston and her ex-husbands.

Anniston went through two very public relationships, marriages, and eventually two divorces. Although Aniston may not walk down the aisle again, as she revealed to People in June 2021, she is pretty content with her life. "I'm in a really peaceful place," she said. "I have a job that I love, I have people in my life who are everything to me, and I have beautiful dogs. I'm just a very fortunate and blessed human being." 

Aniston opened up to Elle in 2018 and said, "I don't feel a void. I really don't. My marriages, they've been very successful, in [my] personal opinion. And when they came to an end, it was a choice that was made because we chose to be happy, and sometimes happiness didn't exist within that arrangement anymore," she said.

Jennifer Aniston (2020), (David Livingston/Getty Images)

"Sure, there were bumps, and not every moment felt fantastic, obviously, but at the end of it, this is our one life and I would not stay in a situation out of fear. Fear of being alone. Fear of not being able to survive. To stay in a marriage based on fear feels like you're doing your one life a disservice. When the work has been put in and it doesn't seem that there's an option of it working, that's okay. That's not a failure," Aniston added

None of her professional or personal life has been a failure despite what tabloids and speculators might think. Besides getting pressure about her relationship status, the Hollywood actress has also gotten press over not being a mother. 

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter in 2021, Aniston opened up and revealed there had been rumors that had hurt her. 

"I used to take it all very personally — the pregnancy rumors and the whole 'Oh, she chose career over kids' assumption. It's like, 'You have no clue what's going with me personally, medically, why I can't… can I have kids?' They don't know anything, and it was really hurtful and just nasty," she said.

The star went on to say she often still wonders what people or rumors are saying about her. 

"Am I still having twins? Am I going to be the miracle mother at 52?" she said. The actress went on to quote her good friend, Gloria Steinheim, and said, "your value as a woman is tied to your marital status and whether or not you've procreated." 

Jennifer Aniston (2011), (Jemal Countess/Getty Images)

"I guess we're in deep s---," she recalled. "It's the same with Dolly Parton; Dolly Parton never had kids. But are people giving her sh-- for it? No, no one's tried to put her in a white picket fence."

The star has revealed she doesn't let life get her down; she always keeps moving forward. 

"I had a choice to make: Either I'm going to surrender into bonbons and living under my covers or I'm going to go out there and find a creative outlet and thrive, and that's what I did," she said

Aniston also admitted to making plenty of mistakes throughout her lifetime; she acknowledges that she is far from perfect. "I wouldn't give over so much of myself, which I did at times," she said. "It was that thing about being a nurturer; I love taking care of people, and I definitely put his needs before mine sometimes. It's seamless; somewhere along the way, you sort of lose yourself."

The actress explained that she'd always been like that in relationships – even with her own mother – but has since learned that it's "not the healthiest," and began working on changing her old ways. "I feel like I've broken the pattern now," Aniston said. "I'll never let myself down like that again. I feel like my sense of self is being strengthened because of it."

At the time, Aniston told Vanity Fair that she was "excited about what the future holds." Nowadays, Aniston is even more established than she was before, having earned several accolades and nominations. She recently wrapped up filming "Murder Mystery 2" with Adam Sandler as well as "The Morning Show," and also returned to the "Friends: The Reunion." 

Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston (2020), (Emma McIntyre/Getty Images/Turner)

We love how Jennifer Aniston is a confident woman with her life decisions. What do you think about her decision to not let fear hold you back? If you love this actress as much as we do, make sure to show your friends this article! 

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