Jaxon Buell Was Born Without A Brain And Not Expected To Live More Than A Few Hours - Here He Is 3 Years Later

Jul 09, 2018 by apost team

Jaxon Buell was born missing 80% of his brain and skull, his umbilical cord wrapped tightly around his neck cutting off his circulation. Doctors gave the poor baby days, maybe even hours to live, and had no idea what had caused the unexpected birth defect.


Jaxon was born with a brain malformation called Microhydranencephaly, an extremely rare abnormality that severely impacts intellectual development. Most babies born with this defect are not expected to live more than a few hours, and the cause of it is still unknown.

Doctors suggested that Jaxon be aborted, but his parents, Brittany and Brandon Buell, did not see that as an option, primarily because of their strong Christian faith.

They believed in Jaxon and wanted to give him a chance -- and they’re so happy they did!

Jaxon is nearing three-years-old, and though he may be learning a lot slower than other children his age, he can now speak a few words and is learning how to reach and grab things. Jaxon can say “momma” and “addy” (for daddy) and sometimes “I love you” to his parents.

A recent development is Jaxon’s ability to recognize his favorite toy, a hard-plastic turtle that lights up green when you press one of its buttons. Jaxon’s mom told the Daily Mail that he has a huge grin on his face when playing with his turtle, and he gives it lots of hugs.

Meanwhile, Jaxon’s parents have been trying to figure out the root cause of his condition. Microhydranencephaly is usually inherited by a recessive gene, but both Brandon and Brittany tested negative. They are now conducting an even deeper genetic test for hidden indicators of the disease, but the results will take a while to come back.

Jaxon and his family have received an overwhelming amount of support from the public, and exceeded their Go Fund Me goal by over $100,000. Jaxon’s story has been told on countless news broadcasts and gone viral across the internet. People can’t get enough of this adorable medical miracle!

To learn more about Jaxon’s story and development, watch the video below:

Go, Jaxon! Keep fighting and learning, buddy. To show your support, pass this article on to your friends and family so they can learn about this incredible kid!