Janitor's Called Into Gym To Clean Up Mess – Miracle In Trash Can Leaves Him In Disbelief

Many different people take part in running a school. There is administration looking over the whole district, teachers doing their best every single day, and janitors making sure the school is clean and safe. It takes everyone to make sure the school runs smoothly.

Janitors do not always receive the recognition that they deserve, though. They go about their job quietly and often behind the scenes, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t as important as every other employee! A few years ago, in 2014, one particular group of kids decided that they wanted to show their janitor the appreciation that he so deserved.


Ricky Spaulding is a janitor at Anderson County High, located in Lexington, Kentucky. Ricky is a wonderful person who is very loved by all at the school, but he was missing something important in his personal life.

He has a son who had been stationed in Italy. Ricky had not seen him for a year. But that wasn’t all! Ricky had never met his new grand-baby because of the distance. Unfortunately, Ricky was unable to afford a plane ticket to see them.

Money can be tight! But the staff knew he deserved to see his son and grandchild. To make it happen, the school officials secretly collected money for Ricky. They talked to the classrooms and parents about donating. They even raised money through a couple of different means! They just wanted to give Ricky and his family a chance of a lifetime!

Staff, students, and parents were able to raise a whopping $1,900 to surprise Ricky. They wanted to do it in a fun and unique way.

When they presented Ricky with this amazing gift, he was unable to keep his emotions hidden. He couldn’t believe that the school could be so kind to him!

What an amazing act that will never be forgotten! We hope Ricky has the best time with his family. Check out the reactions of both Ricky and his wife when they see what the school did for them.

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