Jane Fonda Reveals How She Manages To Still Look And Feel Young At Her Advanced Age

Actress, author, fitness expert, feminist, and activist Jane Seymour Fonda was born in 1937. She turned 82 years old just a few days before last Christmas, when she took a break from filming "Grace and Frankie," a Netflix series that has been going for seven seasons. When we look at recent episodes of this streaming show, it is hard to believe that Jane Fonda is an octogenarian; she not only looks great but much younger than her advanced age. Fonda could easily pass for a woman who is in her 50s. How does she manage to do it?

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While Fonda is no ordinary woman, we should also keep in mind that she has worked hard for her various achievements. She is blessed with very attractive genes; we certainly know this, but her youthful looks after eight decades have more to do with the lifestyle she has practiced from a young age. Ever since she started getting roles in films such as "Barbarella" and "Cat Ballou," Fonda was self-conscious about her physique, which lead to her being an avid participant in ballet classes. In the end, it turned out that she was more intrigued by the stretching and calisthenics exercises that preceded her lessons. She then met fitness instructor Leni Cazden, who created a fitness routine for Fonda, which in turn inspired her to produce her first exercise video.


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From the moment 'Jane Fonda's Workout' came out on the old VHS tape format, the actress knew that this would be a major part of her life. The video was a great success, in fact, a recent Vogue article called it "still the best exercise class out there." After more than a dozen of these videos, she took a break from this production but then returned in 2010 with a DVD aimed at older people who wanted to stay in shape.

The Importance of Fitness at an Early Age

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Fonda has been working out all her life, but, as she told the Daily Mail, she personally attributes her youthful looks to her dedication to having started exercising when she was still a young woman. Although she is still very active, Fonda explains that she has the strength and stamina to go on long daily walks, practice yoga, and do some strength exercises, mostly involving bodyweight, because her body has gotten used to it over the years. If you are still young, a daily fitness regime now will certainly pay off in the future; this is what Fonda can personally attest to.

Nutrition and Weight Loss

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As for watching what she eats, Fonda explained in a video for BeFit that she mostly stays away from dieting. She does not even focus too much on her weight as a measurement; she listens to her own body and observes changes. She is a firm believer in eating healthy and consuming healthy snacks often, but she does not keep an eye on the scale. Her morning routine consists of exercising before sitting down to a healthy breakfast; she will exercise again later in the day, but she will not be too concerned about gaining weight because she knows that staying active will keep her at a healthy level.

Sharpening the Mind

George Pimentel/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images Fonda is a smart woman. She is very passionate about her activism, but she rationalizes everything that she gets into. Her views on feminism and social justice may not sit well with everyone, but she is able to justify her actions, which in the past have landed her in jail for civil disobedience, because she has thoroughly researched the issues she takes action upon. Reading and staying informed about the world around her have helped in terms of keeping her mind young.
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Fonda's tips for staying young not only make sense; they are proven to work. Pass these tips around with your friends and relatives, especially those who are still young enough to start following them.