Jane Fonda, 82, Reveals She Has Quit Dating After Three Marriages: 'I've Closed Up Shop'

Sep 16, 2020 by apost team

If you've ever been unlucky in love, there are times that you have probably just wanted to throw in the towel and be single for the rest of your life. There is something alluringly simple about that lifestyle. For actress and activist, Jane Fonda, it is her new reality. The 82-year old actress just announced that she was done with the dating side of her life.

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While some may think that it means that Fonda has given in to a cynical point of view, she actually states that her decision has to do with discovering her "strength." Never one to take the traditional path, Fonda is once again forging her own way.


Strike Three and You're Out?

Jane Fonda has been no stranger to love. The famous actress has been married three times. While some may think that has left her down in the dumps about romance, Fonda insists that the failures to make a marriage work are not what is keeping her away from romance. She states that she has discovered true happiness on her own and doesn't need to be dating, in an interview with The Guardian published on Saturday, September 5. 

This newest revelation about her dating life comes as she is set to release her new book about the dangers of climate change entitled, What Can I Do? Fonda's last relationship, with record producer, Richard Perry, ended in 2017. Fonda has used the time away to alone to make several realizations about her dating history. This has led to Fonda discovering that she was stronger than any man she dated or married.

The Perils of Intimacy

According to Biography, Fonda was first married in 1965 to Roger Vadim, a French screenwriter. Their union lasted until 1973 when the couple split. Later that year, she married a politician named Tom Hayden. Despite their whirlwind journey to the altar, the couple stayed married until 1990. In 1991, Jane Fonda married billionaire, Ted Turner. Their marriage lasted ten years before ending in divorce. With so many romances not working out, many folks may wonder if there was a common theme in why they ended.

According to the activist, she ended up falling in love with men who had troubles with emotional intimacy. Fonda states that her father, screen legend Peter Fonda, had the same issues.

As she approached her dating life, Fonda intentionally attempted to date men who were the opposite of her father but ended up with people who shared that common trait. Fonda has gone on to admit that even she finds emotional intimacy scary.

A Life Full of Love

While the actress has decided to call it quits in her dating life, it doesn't mean that she hasn't experienced life rich with love. She has three children from her marriages that are now grown and seeking out their own happiness.

Fonda also had the opportunity to date many legends of the silver screen. She had a romance with Marlon Brando that didn't live up to expectations. Fonda even has a "one that got away" story, according to Daily Mail. Apparently, legendary singer, Marvin Gaye, was interested in her romantically, but she rebuffed his advances.

Fonda's declaration that her need for romance is over now that she has found inner strength is inspiring. Her words remind us that true happiness can't be found through another person but in our own core. “I’ve closed up shop," she said. I’m extremely happy on my own.”

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