Jackie Evancho Returns To Stage With Phantom Of The Opera Performance So Flawless Everyone Left Breathless

Jackie Evancho may have first hit your radar when she performed on America’s Got Talent almost a decade ago.

At the time, she was a talented child with an angelic voice, and this took her all the way to the runner-up position.

As a result of her public appearance as a child, she has sold out many venues with live performances and has benefitted from several album deals since then.

This talented young lady recently returned to the stage of America’s Got Talent. This time, she is a beautiful young woman who is intent on winning America’s Got Talent: The Champions.

By singing her rendition of a song from Phantom of the Opera, she hoped to get the last golden ticket. This ticket would be given out by Terry Crews, the show’s host, and it would propel her directly to the last round of the competition.


America’s Got Talent: The Champions is a more challenging competition than the one that Evancho previously took second place in. This show pits her against other winners and runners-up from previous seasons of the show, including international talent.

However, for fans who are familiar with her talents, they know that Evancho's angelic voice is soul-stirring and that she may have what it takes to win the championship.

Any concerns about Evancho’s talent fading with age were erased as soon as she started singing “Music of the Night” in front of the America’s Got Talent: The Championship audience and judges.

She beautifully brought out the emotional, soft points of the song while skillfully reaching the high notes with perfection. At the end of the performance, the audience was cheering wildly.

More than that, it appeared that judge Simon Cowell could not believe how impressive her voice was. Cowell is known for being very critical, but he did not have a harsh word to say to her. In fact, he told Jackie that she was not like many child stars who seemingly vanished from the spotlight with age.

Her talent has improved dramatically, and she continues to stand in a well-earned place in the spotlight.

What did you think of Jackie Evancho's performance? Did it take your breath away too? Let us know - and feel free to pass this beautiful performance to your loved ones too!