Jack Black Took Central Stage Singing The Powerful Anthem Rendition And It Is Breathtaking

Mar 02, 2018

Many people remember Jack Black as a hilarious OTT comedian or as lead singer for the metal band "Tenacious D." The crowd couldn't believe their eyes when they watched him take the central stage at the WNBA game in Los Angeles. 

His skeptics were shocked when he sang this powerful nation anthem. 

Despite Jack Blacks past as a comedian, his singing capabilities have always been on point within the realm of music. Everyone was waiting for the symbolic arched eyebrows which he showed off a few times during his performance.  With that being said, it did not put a downer on the song, and everyone was behind him from the very first note. 


As Jack Black was nearing the end of the song, it was evident that everyone was enjoying every moment of it as the applause was getting steadily louder and louder. By the end, everyone was so glad that they made it the game to witness his performance. 

Check out the video below! Trust us, you'll love it. 

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