It’s Science: The Bond Between Mother And Daughter Is Even Stronger Than We Thought

If your mom is the first person you call when you get big news, are sad or are joyful, you are not alone. Most people recognize that mothers and daughters often have the closest bonds within a family. Understanding family dynamics and interpersonal relationships is key to psychology, psychiatry and caring for people with mental health disorders.

In a recently published study, scientists demonstrated that the strongest immediate family bonds are between mothers and daughters. They are stronger than the bonds between mothers and sons, fathers and sons or fathers and daughters. The study published in the Journal of Neuroscience examined emotional processing in the brain with functional imaging studies. This was a small study on 35 families, but it is an important one.

This study could prove why you feel so close to your mom and turn to her when you are emotional. On the other hand, it also explains why you may butt heads with your mom a lot. This study has important implications for patterns of mental health disorders in families, too. A mother with a mental health disorder is more likely to have a daughter with the same mental health disorder or a similar one. The treatment method that works best for the mother usually works well for the daughter, too.

Is your relationship to your mother stronger than your other family relationships? Let us know what your thoughts are about this scientific study and be sure to spread the word about this article to let others join the discussion.