It's Now Possible For Drivers In Las Vegas To Pay Off Parking Tickets With A School Supplies Donation

Nobody likes coming back to their car and finding a ticket under their windshield wiper. It is especially annoying if you are only a few minutes past the time on the meter, and now you have a ticket that you have to pay. Sometimes it even seems as though the city only gives out tickets just to make a few extra bucks.

But in Las Vegas, things are a little bit different. The city is now allowing its residents to pay their parking tickets off in an unusual way – with donated school supplies. The city council approved this new plan unanimously for the whole month of July. Drivers will be able to pay their tickets off by bringing in school supplies that are of equal or greater value to what their tickets are.

They must be new and unwrapped. Drivers can bring in supplies to the Parking Services offices in Las Vegas until July 19. The school supplies collected will then be sent to the Teacher Exchange, a nonprofit organization that distributes much-needed school supplies to schools throughout Southern Nevada.

It is definitely a unique idea that would be amazing if it caught on in other places! The city council hopes that this plan will make people who may ignore their tickets actually pay them. The city began to accept this unusual type of payment on June 19 and will continue until July 19.

Drivers who decide to bring in school supplies will have to purchase brand new supplies. They must also bring a receipt with them to prove how much the supplies cost. The school supplies will need to have cost the same amount of the parking ticket or more. Individuals can bring in more if they want to. Also, the supplies should have been purchased within 30 days of the date on the parking ticket.

It is definitely a wonderful solution for people who have parking tickets and would like to get rid of them. Maybe they are having trouble parting with their cash, but this incentive will actually make them feel as if they are helping someone. And they will be! Teachers all over the Nevada area, as well as the United States, are always short on school supplies.

Many people wondered just what the parking office would accept. They will take the basic school supplies, such as pencils, pens, pencil sharpeners, erasers, and copy paper. However, they can also bring in paper towels, rulers, dry erase markers, storage bins, index cards, and scissors.

The supplies will be given to The Teacher Exchange, who will then distribute them directly to needy teachers throughout the Southern Nevada public school district. This particular nonprofit collected more than 2.3 million items to give to school teachers back in 2015. Every donation they receive is used and counts.

This isn’t actually the first time that the city came up with such a unique idea when it came to donating items in lieu of actual cash for parking tickets. The city of Las Vegas ran a similar program in 2018, but the collected supplies were given to Project 150 instead. Project 150 is an organization that focuses on homeless men and women and vulnerable high school students.

The ordinance that permits the city to occasionally offer these types of programs was first passed back in July of 2016. In Strasburg, Virginia, the city accepted canned food donations in 2016 as payment for parking tickets. Residents were able to utilize this plan for four months. A similar program had been in operation in Lexington, Kentucky, which is where Strasburg got their inspiration.

Hopeful many other cities will begin to accept payments in a different way. It could definitely help out those who need it most!

What did you think of this idea? Would you rather pay off your ticket by donating supplies than paying money? Let us know in the comments and be sure to pass this article along to others to hear what they think about this issue.