It is one of the most famous songs of all times and when sung by 1,500 people: goosebumps are guaranteed!

Music has the incredible power of bringing people together. It's not easy to explain how this works, but the shared love of music makes it possible.“Choir! Choir! Choir!” is a group of musicians who meet once a week to sing famous songs together. At this weekly get-together each member of the group receives a sheet of music for the song that will be performed on that day.

The group practices the song and after practice they perform it together. The performance is then recorded on video so that the singers can share it with their loved ones. 1,500 singers came together at the Laminate Festival in Toronto, Canada, to breathe new life into Leonard Cohen’s most famous song “Hallelujah”. This incredible performance took place at the Hearn-Generation-Station, which is an abandoned powerplant. 

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