Is Your Partner Cheating? These 11 Signs Can Help You Find Out

Aug 27, 2018 by apost team

No one likes to think that their partner could be cheating, but it's possible. These 11 signs may point to the fact that they are.

All relationships go through changes at one point or another. Some of them become stronger, and some of them weaken or fall apart. Unfortunately, infidelity is a factor in many relationships that go sour. The following are 11 signs that your partner may be sleeping with someone else.

1. Avoiding Your Family

You may notice that your ex is avoiding your family. That avoidance maybe because he or she feels guilty about the infidelity. It's not enough to go on alone, but it might mean something if other Clues exist at the same time.

2. Taking A Shower Right Away

Your mate might be cheating on you if you notice that he or she jumps in the shower upon arrival at home. Sometimes the person is just not smart and waits until the last minute to take a shower. Other times, the showering is from guilt. The person feels dirty, and suddenly becomes overwhelmed with the urge to cleanse.  

3. Phone Protection Obsession

Smartphone protection obsession is another telltale sign of infidelity. Pay attention if you notice that your mate is guarding the phone a lot, locking it around you or disappearing every time it rings.

4. Late Returns

People who are involved in side relationships come home late from work or school often. They may have stories that sound completely ridiculous and untrue. They may also stutter when you ask them for additional details, or you try to verify certain details.

5. Lowered Sex Drive

A decrease in libido or desire to have physical relations with you may be a sign that your mate is cheating. While some people are just so crazy about it that they can be with several people on the same day, most of them aren't. Most of them would be tired out by their relations with somebody else, and they will be less interested in being with you that day.

6. Unemotional Sex

You may notice a difference even when you do engage in physical relations. It might seem like their mind is not even completely there. It might seem unemotional or rushed. All these are signs that someone else may be involved.

7. Kinky New Ideas

Something might be going on if some of the previously mentioned symptoms appear and your mate wants to try peculiar new things in bed. If these things don't sound like your maid, he or she may be doing them with someone else.

8. More Attention To Appearance

You might want to consider that infidelity could be going on if you notice that your mate pays much more attention to appearance than he or she did before. A lot of the times, people are eager to impress their new love interests. They will go all out of their way to concern themselves with their appearances at that time. You may be onto something if your mate was never that way and then suddenly starts putting a lot of effort into looking pretty, smelling good and other things like that.

9. Failure To Get Straight Answers

Dishonesty and deflection are two tactics that people use when they are involved in extracurricular relationships. You may find that you never seem to get a straight answer from your mate no matter what you're asking about. When it comes to possible infidelity, the situation just gets worse.

10. You Feel Neglected

You might feel neglected because it seems like your mate's intention is going someplace else. Your mate may actually stand you up and break promises on a frequent basis. This might be happening because of another relationship that he has going on. Of course, something else could be causing it, but you should look into it if other signs and symptoms are apparent, as well. 

11. You Notice New Habits

You may be in love with an individual who is being unfaithful if you notice that he or she has picked up new habits that you've never seen before. You might be extra suspicious if you find that person is engaging in habits that used to be undesirable to that person. Don't automatically assume that your mate is cheating on you, but stay alert and pay attention if it seemed like several symptoms and signs are occurring at the same time.

Let everyone that you know about this post so that they can become aware of the signs. If you experience infidelity in your relationship, just remember that it is not your fault, and you can do better.