Is It True Love? This Easy Question Helps You Find Out

Algorithms as well as personality tests or even your best friends claim to know who suits you. There is a simple tip to actually find out who your lover should be, however.

Not only the internet but also every women's magazine follows the same mantra your girlf friends also repeat again and again. It's about how you recognize whether your lover is the right one for you. For this, they should be reliable, but not too clingy. They also need to find the perfect balance between romanticism and dependence.

This advice only serves to give a very broad, expectable differentiation between correct and wrong behavior. If he surprises you with a diamond ring for your one month anniversary, obviously he's the right one. If he no longer asks you what your day was like after only one week, he's most likely not. Especially if you share interests and hobbies it's a perfect fit. On the other hand, if you don't care whether this person gives you a call or not, then they are most likely not the right choice as your partner.

Love Makes You Irrational

Reality often looks very different from what these guidelines tell you. This is why it doesn't matter what this person does or does not (barring, of course, obvious psychopaths). Whether you're feeling full of love or slightly nervous also isn't a reliable indicator, as love is known for shorting out the rational part of your brain. And even more importantly: The one true love for the whole of your life doesn't exist.

Instead there are several people whom you can be happy with during the course of your life. Surely you've already met people that you would have liked to jump seconds after meeting them. Just like there are certain friends and long-time acquaintances you've known for years or certain people who have always seemed annoying or unlikeable to you. In the end, all of them have the potential to be your true love, no matter whether we're talking about one evening or the rest of your life.

There are no ground rules for this, only a certain measure of attraction you should feel, as without this the whole thing is rather pointless.
Despite this, there is one indicator you can use to recognize whether this particular relationship is going to make you happy. The solution is so simple that most women's magazines and life coaches are probably going to be angry. And even your friends may not be happy about no longer being able to offer their well-meant advice.

This Is The Solution

So here is the simple question you can use to judge the relationship. Observe yourself and your behaviour in the presence of this person. How do you feel when you are around this person, do you feel tense or relaxed? Are you afraid of saying the wrong thing, not being attractive enough or feeling inferior? It doesn't matter whether your counterpart reflects such feelings in his actions or not. Only your well-being and your discomfort count. Of course, you could always try to please your partner and pretend. In the long run, however, you will not be happy this way.

Even if he has a great luxury apartment, is perfect in bed, or is showering you with compliments: What matters is your emotional state. Otherwise, the relationship is doomed to failure. On the other hand, it is also about whether you are always so relaxed with this person that you can make one bad joke after the other and also present yourself with bad make-up self-confidently. Even a stain on your blouse won't ruin your mood with that person? Then congratulations, you have found the ideal partner. The solution is so simple: Feeling relaxed.

Show this article to your friends and family so they can see that only they and their peace of mind can decide on the right partner!