Introducing Zeus — Rescued Blind Owl With Stunning Galaxies As Eyes

Oct 15, 2020 by apost team

The story of a blind little rescued screech owl named Zeus from Southern California has warmed the hearts of people around the world who have viewed his video from 2016. It is continuing to gain new viewers daily. Those that have seen it have delighted in the story of this beautiful animal and they have been amazed at the sight of his gorgeous eyes.

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This story started when Zeus was first discovered by a kind person in Southern California. They found him injured and full of fear. The reason behind this is that Zeus is blind, and he was in a very bad state when he was first found. The story of his rescue is one that is sure to brighten up any day.

An Injury Caused By His Vision Problems

Business Insider shares that Zeus's inability to see properly is "the result of clots of protein and blood pigment, but he also has cataracts. His condition is probably the result of an attack by a predator, but it's possible he also had a flying accident." According to the Wildlife Learning Center, he was found "emaciated and blind on someone’s front porch in Central California." Thankfully though, a kind person found him and decided to contact those that could help.

A Team That Is Dedicated to Helping Zeus

The team at the Wildlife Learning Center located in the town of Sylmar, California came out to rescue poor Zeus. Since he came into their care, they have gone out of their way to nurse him back to health.

One of the things that were realized about Zeus during his rescue is that he only has about 10 percent of the vision that he should. It is because of this that it is not possible to release him back into the wild. The good news is that he has a permanent home now where he will be safe.

His Eyes Have a Stunning Appearance to Them

Though Zeus is nearly blind, his eyes are special in their own way. They have a fascinating look to them that almost looks galactic. It is the look of his beautiful eyes that got him his name of Zeus from his rescuers at the Wildlife Learning Center. Staring into his eyes is like a journey into the cosmos.

It is truly a beautiful sight to behold and it is one of the reasons that Zeus has picked up so many fans across the world wide web. The best news of all for Zeus is that he now has a home where he can live safely and happily.

What was your reaction to the story of the blind owl named Zeus? Did it warm your heart to hear about the kindness of the rescuers that have saved his life? Were you amazed when you got the chance to see the look of his fascinating eyes? If you said yes to these questions, pass the video on so that Zeus's story can continue to gain more viewers every day.

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