Introducing This Litte Puppy Who Likes To Sleep On His Back Like A Human

It’s an indisputable fact that all puppies are precious. But if there was a competition for all the cutest puppies in the world, we know one little Shih Tzu that might just take home the gold thanks to these amazing photographs of her while she’s asleep.

Her name is Paningning, and she’s going viral on the internet for the unique traits she possesses that are photographed and posted online by her loving owner. She belongs to a woman from the Philippines named Janess Cua, whose pet dog became pregnant. Cua told Paningning's story to Bored Panda in an interview.

Paningning was one of the puppies, and although the rest of the litter was adorable and healthy, she is stealing their spotlight! She first became viral when Cua posted the first picture of the unusual way that Paningning sleeps to a Facebook group for dog lovers.

Paningning’s sleeping pose was so admired by the group that it began to go viral, amassing thousands of likes and comments in just a few hours. This inspired her owner Cua to begin an Instagram page for the dog where she hoped others would enjoy the puppy’s precious photos. The response was outstanding, with the dog gaining over 115,000 followers so far. Cua admits she has never seen Paningning sleep any other way.

Telling Bored Panda, "For me, She’s just a normal puppy that loves to sleep on her back." 

Although she looks relaxed and lazy in many of her pictures when she rests on her back, the puppy is actually extremely lively, playful and friendly to others.

But you may be wondering why Paningning prefers to sleep on her back, as opposed to other positions we’re used to seeing dogs rest in. According to Petbarn, laying on their backs helps them regulate their sleeping temperature and keep them cool. It also can be a sign that they are secure and relaxed in their home. Whatever the case may be, we can't get enough of Paningning’s photos! 

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