Intoxicated Man Sends Injured Baby Bird To Animal Rescue In An Uber

It has to be one of the sweetest stories we have heard all week. When a group of men found a baby bird that was injured, they wanted to help. However, they were too drunk to make it anywhere in a vehicle. Instead, they did the next best thing!

The group of men had been out day drinking when they saw a small bird fall out of the sky. It turned out to be a goldfinch who was in distress. The group knew that the bird needed help, but they also knew that they were all unable to drive anywhere from being under the influence.

Tim Crowley was in the group who saved the baby bird,  he and his friends decided that the only thing they could do would be to get a ride for the little animal.  "At first it was a joke like maybe we should just call an Uber, you know?" Crowley said to Fox 13 News Utah, "And then we were like, 'no really, why not?'"So that is exactly what they did. They ordered an Uber to take the injured goldfinch to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Northern Utah. 

The Uber driver, Christy Guynn, at first thought the pals were joking when they told her who she would be taking in her car. She told Fox 13 "I got there and there’s three or four guys standing out in the yard and they’re holding beers,” Guynn's first thought was that they were going to all try to bring the beers into her vehicle, a definite no-no.

However, that wasn’t the case at all. They sent her to the wildlife sanctuary with the injured bird. Later on, the facility shared the amazing story on Facebook, along with pictures of the rescued bird.

They wanted to say thank you to the men who called an Uber for the bird, as well as the driver who accepted the call. They said that while they always think they have seen it all, something comes along and proves them wrong. "Thank you to the rescuer who helped this little one get the care it needed in a timely manner,” the center wrote on Facebook, “and thank you for keeping yourself safe and others on the road safe as well!”

The staff gave the bird a name, "Petey Uber." They believe he is only three weeks old, we hope he has a quick recovery!

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