Internet-Famous Dog Brodie The Goldendoodle Gets To Travel The World In Style As He Always Flies First Class

Sep 01, 2023 by apost team

Dogs are great companions in life because aside from having a friend who will always be by your side every single day, they also ease mental health issues such as anxiety, stress and depression.

One dog in particular has been taking over the world by storm, and he's probably appeared on your newsfeed already — a Goldendoodle named Brodie.

In an as-told-to essay published by Insider in August 2023 with the dog’s owner, Cliff Brush, he revealed that he worked as an accountant and business consultant for over half a decade before he decided to be a full-time content creator with his adorable pet.

As of 2023, Brush has been traveling the world with Brodie, and most of the time, they fly first class.

The content creator mentioned that he was never active on social media before, but whenever he and his dog were out, people would always take pictures of his big and fluffy dog.

After observing what other people thought of Brodie, Brush decided to share his photos and videos online as he was sure that the internet would love him.

Prior to becoming a full-time content creator, Brush had wanted to travel around the world, but since he had a corporate job at the time, his schedule didn’t allow him to, which is why when he finally decided to resign, the first thing he did was to take his dog on a road trip across the United States.

Ever since the Instagram famous duo has been traveling at least once or twice a month, and most of their out-of-town visits are being documented online.

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At first, Cliff Brush and Brodie’s travels were just for fun, until they grew a wide audience on social media to the point that brands reached out and invited them to attend events.

“I wanted to show Brodie the West Coast, so we went to Los Angeles. Then I wanted to show Brodie New York City. Now it's really become an event, and we're invited out by brands or by these large events that want Brodie there,” he wrote.

People had been curious about how Brush was able to travel with a big dog, and he finally revealed the secret. In the essay, the dog owner noted that Brodie is his service animal, which means he gets to fly with him in the cabin of an aircraft. Every time they travel, Brush ensures that both of them are comfortable. Initially, he would book side-by-side economy seats, but it was too tight for the dog as he was so big.

As of 2023, Brodie travels via first-class in style.

“Now we pretty much always do a first-class seat. Sometimes I get him his own seat in first class, but just one first-class seat really works,” the owner explained.

In an interview with Modern Wellness Guide, Brush gave more tips about traveling with a big dog. He began training his dog when he was still a puppy as a part of the “desensitization process.” At first, he took him for a ride in his car, in this way, he got accustomed to being in moving vehicles.

But the number one thing that owners should have with their pets is “trust,” as Brush explained. “The main factor that has made travel so easy for us is the trusting bond we’ve built. Brodie trusts me and will happily go wherever I go.”

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