Inspiring Young Girl Grows Her Own Food And Built 11 Cabins To Help Homeless

When Haily Fort from Kitsap County, Washington, saw a homeless man on the street at the age of five, she knew she needed to do something to help.

This was back in 2015 and one year later in 2016, she started a garden, where she grows food that she donates to her local food bank and eventually had the idea of building shelters from scratch. She is still involved in helping the homeless even today. 

At the age of six, Hailey Fort started a garden to grow food for the local homeless community. The garden was called Hailey’s Harvest according to ABC News

In 2014, Haily harvested 128 lbs of food for the homeless, but she knew she wanted to do even more. In addition to her garden, Hailey purchased PO boxes to help homeless people apply for jobs and donated feminine hygiene products and coats to those in need.

In 2015, Hailey met Edward, a local homeless man, and befriended him. Edward had lost his job at a local grocery store, which eventually led to him losing his home too. 

Hailey knew she had to help him, so she started building mobile homes from scratch on her own with the supervision of her mother at the age of 9.  

“It just doesn’t seem right that there are homeless people,” Hailey said. “I think everyone should have a place to live.”

The homes are complete with windows and insulation to protect the occupants from the cold. After building a house for Edward, Hailey said she wanted to build another 10 to help other homeless people in the local.

“If she had her way we’d have mobile sleeping shelters taking up our front lawn,” Hailey’s mother, Miranda, joked.

You can find out more about Hailey and her projects to help the less fortunate in the video below: 

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