Inside Princess Charlotte's Daily Life As The Entertainer And Boss Of The Cambridge Family

Aug 05, 2022 by apost team

Princess Charlotte of Cambridge, daughter of Prince William and Kate Middleton, is set to inherit a very special heirloom that once famously belonged to her late grandmother, Princess Diana.

Born on May 2, 2015, at St Mary’s Hospital in London, Charlotte has already made an impact on England as one of the children in the Cambridge family. Following her birth, several landmarks were illuminated pink to honor the arrival of Charlotte, including the London Eye and Tower Bridge. There were also salutes at Hyde Park and the Tower of London. Just a few days later, it was announced that Charlotte’s full name was Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, honoring both Diana and the current reigning monarch and her great-grandmother – Queen Elizabeth II.

The young princess is also extremely well known for bearing a remarkable resemblance to her late grandmother, who died in a tragic car accident in Paris in 1997. Although she is still very young, Charlotte has already begun establishing herself as a princess, proving just how adorable yet royal she really is. On top of that, she is already extremely funny and is proving to have some impressive leadership qualities.

Charlotte is the middle child of the Cambridge family, as she has an older brother, Prince George, and a younger brother, Prince Louis. She is also William and Kate’s only daughter and is currently fourth in line of succession to the throne, following her grandfather, Prince Charles, her father William and her brother George.

However, her spot in the line of succession hasn’t stopped the young princess from ruling one place – her home.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, Princess Charlotte of Cambridge (2017), (Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

As Charlotte continues to grow, she is showing more of her personality and skills. It’s clear that the little girl already has some great leadership qualities, especially based on how she seemingly runs the Cambridge household.

Back in December 2021, William was featured on an episode of the “Time To Walk” podcast where he spoke about what life at the Cambridge home was really like. According to PEOPLE, he has spent a lot of time diffusing arguments between his three kids about which song they want to listen to in the morning. Fortunately, the family came up with a solution to end the bickering.

As reported by PEOPLE, William implemented a musical rota, alternating between which child gets to pick the song that is played each morning. This way, everyone will get to hear the type of music that they want to listen to, they just have to wait for their designated day.

Even though the Cambridge kids have argued in the past over which song they think deserves to be played that particular morning, William revealed that there is one song that always makes them happy and gets them dancing. 

“One of the songs that the children are loving at the moment is Shakira’s ‘Waka Waka,’” he said. “There’s a lot of hip movements going along with a lot of dressing up.”

Charlotte, who has taken private ballet lessons, definitely approved of the song choice. William continued:

“Charlotte particularly is running around the kitchen, in her dresses and ballet stuff. She goes completely crazy with Louis following her around trying to do the same thing.”

Princess Charlotte of Cambridge, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (2019), (Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

Charlotte has already proven that she is a true princess through and through, and her name pays a beautiful homage to the royal women who came before her. Her two middle names are in honor of her great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth and her late grandmother, Diana. And it appears that Charlotte has more in common with the late Princess of Wales than people may have known.

According to Marie Claire, Charlotte’s body language is very similar to Diana’s. This was especially exemplified while Charlotte attended a memorial service for Prince Philip alongside the rest of the Cambridge family. Body language expert Judi James explained:

“Charlotte, looking touchingly like the queen when she was small, showed body language traits that are more like her Granny Diana. Like Diana, she gives the initial impression of shyness, but beneath that appears to be an outgoing, fun personality.”

James also said that at one point, Kate turned to her only daughter and said, “You can smile.” It seems that Charlotte exhibited nothing but proper behavior, and it’s clear that this was a very important day for the family.

James said that the service “was probably the first big test for George and Charlotte in terms of appropriate royal behavior at a formal event with the world’s cameras watching.”

With each year that passes, Charlotte's personality comes out more. The young princess is now 7 years old and is proving to not only be the cheekiest member of the royal family but she also has a fiery personality. Charlotte is adorable and very confident for a middle child. According to PEOPLE, Kate even said that Charlotte is "the one in charge" of their household. It’s clear that this princess is growing well into her own.

Princess Charlotte (2021), (Duchess of Cambridge via Getty Images)

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