‘Inside Edition’ Host To Have Surgery After Observant Viewer Spots Cancerous Lump

Apr 16, 2019

Cancer is one of those omnipresent diseases that seems to strike wherever it pleases and with no rhyme or reason. From the youngest to the oldest of us, cancer knows no bounds.

No matter race, gender, location, or socioeconomic background, cancer seems to be able to find people anywhere. It is an awful and unpleasant disease and it is one that we are all doing our part to help fight.

We all recently felt for American treasure and long-time “Jeopardy” host, Alex Trebek, when he recently shared that he had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. It seems the whole country has rallied around him like he was a member of our own family.

It’s incredible to see complete stranger’s hearts open up to this man who came across the television night after night to ask questions and provide adorable commentary.

Recently, another well-known television show host learned that she had been diagnosed with a form of thyroid cancer. Deborah Norville, who hosts the popular “Inside Edition” show, recently shared a video discussing her recent cancer diagnosis.


She expressed her extreme gratitude to her fans that have also rallied around her to provide support during this difficult time in her life.

However, Deborah Norville had one fan in particular that she wanted to thank. She then went on to share a truly incredible story of how she came to learn that she had cancer.

She told the story of how one average person, a viewer, happened to be watching the show when she noticed that there was a lump on Deborah’s neck. Deborah, who is 60 years old, believed it was nothing, but she had it checked out just to be sure.

Deborah even shared that she had noticed the lump before and assumed it was just a bump. She said how grateful she is to live in a world where if people see something, they feel compelled to say something.

Deborah shared that the cancer is extremely localized and it will be cut out by a surgeon. Fortunately, she won’t need to undergo any harsh treatments like radiation.

Deborah also asked fans for their continued prayers. "If you believe in prayer, please say one for me--and for my surgeon--and I thank you very much."

How incredible is it that a fan was able to spot this lump on the television in their home and may have helped Deborah catch this cancer before it became more serious? Let us know what you think about this story. We appreciate all your great comments and feedback!