Inseparable Dogs Searching For A Permanent Home Cuddle And Sleep Together

Dec 29, 2021 by apost team

Being in an animal shelter is a scary experience for most dogs, and most of the time, the canines simply want to stay by themselves until they become adjusted to the place; however, this is not always the case. Jukebox and Agatha are two pit bulls that used the shelter to form an amazing friendship.

The Pima Animal Care Center in Tuscon, Arizona, first opened its doors to Jukebox when the pit bull was found as a stray. About a month after Jukebox arrived, Agatha’s owners brought her to the shelter when they discovered that they could no longer care for her. The two dogs met each other on the playground in 2019, and shelter workers said that it was love at first sight. 

Jukebox and Agatha hit it off instantly, wanting to hang out with each other.

“Typically when a bonded pair of dogs come in the shelter, they’ve spent their whole life together,” Kristen Hassen-Auerbach, director of animal services, told The Dodo.

“But with these two, they didn’t know each other. They met in a playgroup one day and from the second they laid eyes on each other they became inseparable.”

Not only do the two dogs play together, but they also cuddle at night.

“There’s plenty of space for them to stretch out,” said Nikki Reck, public information officer for Pima Animal Care Center, in an interview with The Dodo, “but they share that tiny little bed together and that’s how they prefer it.”

A picture of them sleeping together made them an internet sensation in July 2019, with it being shared on Facebook over 12,000 times.

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At that time, Jukebox and Agatha were still waiting to be adopted.

“Typically we don’t say ‘these two have to be adopted together’ because that makes it take longer for them to find a home,” Reck told The Dodo. “But with these two, we just can’t bring ourselves to split them up, so we’re hoping against hope that we can find a home for them together because the two of them are meant to be.”

With that said, this inseperable duo’s cuteness certainly worked in their favor.

“Every time people come in the shelter they catch their attention,” Hassen-Auerbach said. “You walk by their kennel and they’re always doing one of 20 cute things. They’re either laying upside down on their backs together, or one of them is licking the other one.”

 “We're just looking for a home that's going to appreciate them as much as we do,” she added. “They’re like doggy TV for us. When any of us are having a hard day or feeling down, we just go watch Agatha and Jukebox together and you feel happier.”

Luckily, the Pima Animal Care Center had good news in July 2019. On their Facebook account, the shelter announced that Agatha and Jukebox were adopted together alongside a video of their new owners.

What makes Agatha and Jukebox’s story especially interesting and inspiring is that the Pima Animal Care Center takes in thousands of animals every year, and so it’s only by a happy coincidence that these two buddies found each other — not to mention finding a forever home.

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