Influencer Shows Off Plus Size Body In Bikini And Proudly Declares ‘Your Belly Is Cute And So Are You’

Jun 28, 2023 by apost team

The body positivity movement emerged in the 1960s to combat societal bias against many physical conditions, including female periods. The social crusade preaches love and a positive view of one's size, shape, color and other physical attributes, regardless of societal norms. 

Body positivity proponents believe that physical attributes should not determine one's sense of self-worth, nor should they be a basis for ranking a person or groups of people. Today, the movement finds acceptance in various campaigns for unibrows, cellulite, birthmarks, vitiligo, albinism and fatness, among many other skin and body conditions. Body positivity has also gained ground online and offline; nevertheless, it has its challenges. 

Among body positivity challenges is the argument that the social movement promotes unhealthy lifestyles, especially under the fat or skinny umbrella. Although having a good body image can help improve mental health, criticisms have arisen that suggest it can also encourage people to stay content with being obese or overweight and not seek medical or professional help to lose excess weight. 

Another criticism that trailed the movement is that it hasn't reduced people's need to be self-conscious; rather, more followers of the movement are focused on their appearance and on making sure that everyone around them loves them the way they are. 

Regardless of the criticisms, many proponents of the body positivity movement still exist. One of them, an influencer on TikTok, Dee, posted a clip on Feb. 13, 2022, where she showed off her body in a bikini and told fans that it is beautiful just the way it is. The TikToker's clip on social media garnered a few comments where followers praised her confidence. Keep reading to know what she said and the comments on her video. 

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TikToker and body positivity influencer Dee shared a clip with her over 80,000 followers on TikTok on Feb. 13, 2022. In the clip with over 23,000 likes, she threw away the towel she initially wrapped herself in and grabbed her belly after a quick motivational talk. The overlaying text on her clip read:

"Don't be afraid to show it, it's just a belly."

Dee captioned the video: 

"Your belly is cute and so are you🥰 #FatAcceptance #FatLiberation #PlusSize #ThatFatBaddee #BodyPositivity #BellyTok #BikiniBody." 

Despite Dee’s body positivity in the video, it garnered a few positive comments. However, some didn’t surprise her as she initially noted in a pinned video that she always deletes negative comments to foster a safe space for "fellow fat people."

"I got my first two piece yesterday and tried it on and had a very neutral 'this isn’t horrifying' response which is SO MUCH progress for me tbh," one TikTok user wrote

A second TikToker commented, "Yesss queen 🥰" A third user egged her on her and wrote, "😂😭❤️ love this."

Dee also shared a video on Instagram that showed her dancing at the beach to Adele’s “Water Under The Bridge" while clad in a two-piece swimsuit. She captioned it

"@adele just incase you'd like to hire me as a back up dancer, I promise I won't fall over on stage like I did at the end…." 

"Your amazing babe, but that fall at the end got me pissing myself. From the second I seen u I seen your positivity. Keep it up, your smashing it❤️," a fan wrote. Another fan was excited to see her in a bikini and asked: "Omg, where did you get that bikini? Been trying to find one in my size for ages 😅." A third wrote, "Very beautiful😻."

What do you think of Dee's confidence? Should she keep flaunting her body or seek professional help? Let us know — and be sure to pass this article on to friends and family members!

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