Influencer Insists That Airlines & Hotels Should Meet The Needs Of Plus-Sized People Like Her

Jun 21, 2024 by apost team

The body positivity movement is geared toward projecting a positive view of the human body, regardless of its size, shape and other physical attributes. Over the years, the movement has gained ground, encouraging people who were insecure about their bodies to overlook trolls and be more accepting of their physical attributes. With that, more people have become comfortable in their bodies and, in many cases, have put down trolls, and advocated for and preached the message of body positivity.

While the movement has been mainly helpful to people struggling with body image issues, it hasn't stopped trolls from doing what they know how to do best. So, in addition to accepting their bodies, people must continually fight off trolls to completely ignore them. Plus-sized women have continuously been victims of trolls who have made it their duty to always tag them as unhealthy.

Plus-sized women wearing clothing considered reserved for women with slimmer bodies are among the biggest reasons they are trolled. In the case of traveling and vacationing, a female influencer used her platform to educate airlines and the hotel industry on how they could make their rules and guidelines more inclusive for plus-sized people like her.

Influencer Emily Jones, who usually goes on vacation at least once a month, took to her Instagram and emphasized how having bigger towels and bathrobes makes a huge difference for people of her size when traveling. Keep reading to learn more about Jones and how she thinks the travel industry could make it more comfortable for people like her who have extra needs.

Jones pointed out that having larger towels and plus-sized bathrobes is one “small adjustment that would make people feel more comfortable.” 

“This would make the stay so much more comfortable and inclusive for plus-sized people,” the size 20 social media influencer told The Daily Mail

As for when boarding the airplane, Jones also had some suggestions. 

“It would be great if airlines could announce during boarding that if anyone needs a seatbelt extension, that they are available,” Jones added. “From my experience and what people tell me in my messages online, asking for an extension is a big fear for plus-size people. I’d love to see this being de-stigmatised so people can travel comfortably and without the added anxiety.”

According to Jones, plane seats are “notoriously uncomfortable for most plus-sized people.” 

"Besides that, there are definitely some countries that aren’t used to seeing plus-sized people, so you can get some awkward stares," Jones added.

She also noted that based from experience, the United Kingdom is “really inclusive” in making things comfortable for her. 

“The Maldives was tricky as the seaplanes are really tiny. I haven’t explored much more of Asia as yet but understand some areas can be uncomfortable for plus-size people,” she confirmed. 

Jones’ Instagram account is full of helpful videos for plus-sized people like her so that they can learn how to travel comfortably and happily. 

“I’d love to encourage people of all shapes and sizes not to let their insecurities hold them back, and to remind people that life is short and they deserve to be in these spaces just as much as those perfect-looking people on Instagram!” she said about her passion in helping people.

What do you think of Emily Jones’ suggestions? Do you think airlines and hotels should provide a bigger selection and offer more consideration for plus-size people like Jones? Let us know, and pass this on to your family, friends and other loved ones out there!

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