Indy Feek Melts Hearts With Lesson As Ballerina

Jun 09, 2021 by apost team

One family has been struck by an unthinkable tragedy, and yet they still bring joy to the lives of others through their music and social media presence. Rory Feek of the country duo Joey & Rory has endured heartbreak over the last few years with the loss of his beloved wife, Joey Feek.

Joey lost her battle with cancer in March 2016, just two years after welcoming their daughter, Indiana, into the world. Rory did his best to remain strong after his wife Joey passed away. The widow and his little girl did not end their careers and say goodbye to their ambitions.

Indiana, who often goes by the nickname Indy, was diagnosed with Down Syndrome shortly after her birth, but that hasn't stopped her from enjoying life and bringing smiles to the faces of millions around the world. Joey and Rory have always been an open book, documenting their lives since they burst onto the country scene in 2008 when they appeared on the CMT competition show "Can You Duet."

Rory has a blog, “This Life I Live,” where he documents his and his daughter's life. Rory is devoted to his role as the sole parent to his little daughter Indiana. He knows that the job will be daunting without the girl's mother, but he believes that Joey is there in spirit to guide him throughout the journey.

The loving father often shares pictures and videos of his sweet daughter, Indy, doing a variety of things, from planting a garden at their farm in Columbia, Tennessee, to learning how to play the piano. In May of 2021, Rory posted a video of Indy doing ballet, and the sight is so precious. This little girl was definitely meant to perform like her talented parents.

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Indy looked so happy during her ballet lesson that her smile lit up the entire stage. Rory wrote in his blog post, documenting the lesson: “She loves to dance. She always has. As soon as she started walking, Indiana was twirling. Usually in front of a mirror in the house somewhere.” The video capturing the ballerina practicing is so sweet and shows Indy learning from her teacher one-on-one. 

The reason Indy isn’t in a ballet class with other children right now is because of the pandemic.

Rory shared in the same post, “That ballet studio and pretty much everything else was closed due to Covid ... But surprisingly this spring, ballet lessons came here instead. A wonderful teacher named Mrs. Chelsea offered to come to our farm and start teaching Indy once a week here on the stage where I do concerts.“

This arrangement is perfect for the family and keeps everyone safe and happy. “And so about two weeks ago, Indy had her very first ballet lesson at home. And again, she was so, so, so excited. And of course, her Papa was there to capture and keep this sweet moment too,” Rory wrote above the video of Indy dancing.

In winter 2020, Indiana’s dance teacher reached out to the family to ask a special favor. Rory said, “Chelsea Howell has The Children's Ballet Theater and this past December, they needed a place where they could hold their Christmas ‘Nutcracker’ dance recitals. So for one night, our stage and concert hall was turned into a ballet theater full of excited dancers and parents.”

Rory is so thankful for Howell and her willingness to teach Indy ballet during such challenging times. “Indy got to watch all the girls do their beautiful dances and it just inspired her more. And so now a few months later, to have the chance to learn one-on-one with such a special teacher, is a real blessing to her and to me,” Rory said.

Indy could not be more excited to practice ballet.

“These days Indy has her own little ballet bar in the house, next to the big mirror in the 'western room' where she was born. Most afternoons after school, you'll find her stripping off her school uniform and pulling on tights and slippers, asking for music, and practicing 'first and second position' ... whatever that means,” Rory wrote on his blog.

Ballet is special to Rory and Indy for an important reason. Rory shared, “Ballet is not only something that Indiana loves to do, it's very, very good for her. She, like most little ones with (Down Syndrome), has poor muscle tone and balance, and ballet is wonderful for strengthening her legs and her core. So for her Papa, that's a big win/win.”
The video of Indy dancing has over 65,000 views and has brought smiles to viewers around the world. Thanks to Rory’s blog documenting his family’s life, his audience has had the chance to see Indiana grow up. For fans of the Fleek family, the video of Indy dancing is a reminder of times gone by. One commenter wrote, “I kept flashing back to when she was learning to walk. She’s a warrior in a tutu!”

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