Incredible Moment Killer Whale Is Put Back Into The Ocean

Sep 19, 2018 by apost team

It took 20 hours, but a stranded orca finally made it back to the ocean. The killer whale weighed four tons, so it was not easy to get it back to the water. It became stranded on a beach in Nueva Atlantis, Argentina.

Thankfully, a bunch of rescue workers took action to save the killer whale.

A Rescue Effort Is Born

The rescue efforts were led by a team from the Civil Defense, the Fundacion Mundo Marino and the Argentine Naval Prefecture.

The weather was freezing cold, which only made the rescue harder. The magnificent weight and size of the orca made getting it back into the water difficult.

The first goal was to straighten out the whale's body. It had been stranded in a sideways position, so its blowhole was almost submerged underneath the water.

Unfortunately, the whale's future did not look good. The rescuers did not have a lot of hope that the whale would be able to survive.

A Miracle Happens

Somehow, the rescuers managed to get a stretcher underneath the whale's body. They managed to gently maneuver it back to the ocean.

As you can see in the video, the gorgeous creature fully recovered and started to swim in the ocean again.

It took 20 hours for the team to save the whale. This type of operation was possible because the Fundacion Mundo Marino has worked for years to help the killer whale.

Over time, they have trained rescuers, conducted research and learned new techniques for this type of situation.

Now, the emotional moment is being shared throughout the world. After watching this video, people are amazed by the rescuers' efforts.

When a bunch of people work together to do something good, amazing things can happen.

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