In Uncommon Wedding, Twin Girls Marry Twin Boys And Officiating Priests Are Also Twins

Nov 29, 2021 by apost team

Twins usually occur naturally once in every 250 pregnancies, so it's not too uncommon to know a set of twins at some point in your life. But less common than knowing a pair of twins is finding out about a set of twins who grow up and end up marrying another set of twins. But that's exactly what two sets of twins in India did. What's more, for their wedding, they even had twin priests officiating and twin flower girls and page boys! Now that is no doubt a rare occurrence!

Back in 2015, twin brothers Dilraj and Dinker got married to another set of twins — sisters Reema and Reena. Their double wedding took place at St. Xavier's Church in the Thrissur district of Kerala, a city in southern India. Officiating the two weddings were twin priests Reji and Roji, while their adorable flower girls and page boys were also twins. 

The Daily Mail reported that the brothers had dreamed about such a wedding when they decided years ago that they wanted to get married to twin sisters. After they searched for five arduous years, Dilraj and Dinker finally found their brides to be. Meanwhile, Reema and Reena had also spent three years looking for suitable husbands for themselves. Thankfully, the foursome found each other via a matrimonial portal. 

However, the brothers explained in another interview that they had trouble finding their brides at first. They revealed:

“The twins were not identical enough. Also, we had to find twins who came from similar family backgrounds." 

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But eventually, when they met the sisters, it felt like fate. They told the Daily Mail:

“When we met Reena and Reema, we knew it was them we were looking for all this while. Fortunately, they also had the similar feeling after meeting us."

In fact, the brothers had already known the twin priests but once they found their brides Reji and Roji had their calendar full. This meant that they had to travel hundreds of miles from Chennai to Thrissur to officiate the marriage. Dilraj told the publication, "We had to wait for months for the priests to come (to) solemnise our wedding." After they posted photos of their double wedding on Facebook, their story went viral and became a global sensation. As we said earlier, their story is surely a rare occurrence!

The twin brothers revealed that they grew up always wearing the same kind of clothes and doing the same things. Dinker said, “Even in (our) matriculation exam, we scored similar marks." They also landed jobs in the same company, where they work in IT. But at one point, the company sent them to different regions of the country, which proved to be a first for the brothers, who'd otherwise been together their whole lives. Dinker said:

“For the first time (in) our life, we were separated after starting our professional career. I was posted in north India, while the company sent Dilraj to the extreme south." 

Just like the brothers, the sisters also went into the same profession as each other and are both nurses.

Congratulations to the two sets of twins on their double wedding! Do you know any twins? What is something they always do together? Pass this story on to others so they can read about it too!

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