In 2019, I Will Finally Give Myself A Break

I've had a lot of struggles in my life, but this year, I'm giving myself a break. I'm starting over from scratch. This is going to be a good year for me. I can feel it. What about you? Do you want to join me in making big changes in your life?

Saying Goodbye to Fear

Fear has ruled my life for a long time, but I am taking back my power. I'm not going to let fear stop me anymore. I want to be everything that I can be. So many times in the past, I didn't do the things I wanted to do because I was afraid. In 2019, I am saying goodbye to fear.

I am taking a leap into the unknown. Yes, it may be scary, but I am not going to let that hold me back. I am going to trust in my destiny. I am on a journey to do what I am meant to be doing. I will be open to all the twists and turns and the ups and downs. Whatever happens, I will have the courage to face it.

I Will Be Kind to Myself

Many people have been hateful and mean to me in my life. If I am going to be honest with myself, though, I have to face the fact that sometimes I have been my own worst critic. In the past, I have judged myself harshly. I have criticized myself unfairly. I have thought hateful things about myself.

In 2019, that is all going to stop. I know I can't control how other people treat me, but I can control how I treat myself. I'm going to treat myself the way I wish other people treated me by being kind and understanding.

I will no longer expect perfection from myself. I will give myself credit for trying. I will look deep into myself and see that I am a magnificent creature full of love and light.

I Forgive Myself

I have made a lot of mistakes in my life. But I am not going to keep on punishing myself for what is over and done. From now on, I will learn what I can from my mistakes and then let them go.

Whenever I start thinking about mistakes from the past, I will remember to be kind and forgiving. Every person makes mistakes because no one is perfect. I used to let my mistakes eat away at me and make me feel small and worthless. Starting in 2019, I am going to stop! If I am to go on my journey towards my destiny with a light and open heart, I need to leave the past behind.

I Forgive Other People

People have used me and hurt me. I have plenty of reasons to be angry and upset. But holding onto the anger is only hurting myself even more. In 2019, I am going to let the anger go.

When I forgive people, it doesn't mean I am always going to forget what they did. I'm just not going to be emotionally invested in it anymore. They may have messed up my past, but I am banning them from my heart so that they no longer can mess up my present and future. What is over and done can't touch me anymore.

I'm starting to understand that when people are mean, it is usually because they are hurting themselves. That doesn't make what they do right. But it may make it easier to forgive them and free up my heart for the people who deserve it.

I Believe There Are Good People Waiting for Me

In 2019, I am going to trust that there is good in the world and that there are good people who will support me and who always want the best for me. I just have to find them. I will look for them everywhere I go. I will not settle for people who will not stick with me when things get hard or for people who cannot see that I am a unique, special, and magnificent person.

I Am Giving Myself a Big Break

I have been through so much in my life! I am so tired of it. I am giving myself a break. I am going to rest up from all the difficulties and pain that I experienced in the past.

I am going to stop trying to impress people. I am going to be myself, and if people don't like it, that's too bad. The people who are right for me will love me for who I am. I am freeing up my heart from the wounds of the past and letting them go. I am entering 2019 with an open and pure heart. I can't wait to see what will happen this year!

Are You With Me?

I invite you to join me this year and get a fresh start in 2019. Pass this along to your friends so that they can join too.