Impatient Dog Learns To Honk Car Horn When Owner Takes Too Long In The Store

May 14, 2020 by apost team

Dogs are such impressive creatures. They never fail to amaze and astonish pet parents and onlookers with their abilities and intelligence. Sometimes those skills are used to be naughty and demanding pet children, such as the case of a precocious boxer named Wally, who learned to honk a truck horn to rush his human dad along when he was sick and tired of waiting around in the truck.

Meet Horn-Honking Wally

Wally is a boxer with a serious attitude about timing and being left alone. His pet dad, Tyler Fust, is a dairy farmer. He often safely leaves Wally in his Ford truck to wait while he goes into various places to quickly collect a few items or attend to business. Apparently, Tyler and Wally differ on the definition of quick, and Wally isn’t shy about letting everyone know it.

Tyler was recently in a store near his Wisconsin home. He’d left Wally in the truck, and had only been gone for two minutes. He heard a nonstop vehicle horn blasting away outside. Tyler immediately knew it was Wally demanding he return ASAP. Apparently, Wally had learned to honk the horn about six months prior.

Since Wally was just a small pup he’s had very dexterous paws, Tyler told UNILAD. He could push and/or pull doors open with just a paw. Now, he’s added horn blasting to his talents. Wally’s patience had been growing shorter and shorter since he learned his horn trick. Whether at Tyler’s daughters school or a grocery store, Wally learned that the truck horn got Tyler’s immediate attention. These days, Wally likes to keep Tyler on a short time leash.

So, Tyler decided to let others experience this fascinating trick by videoing it and posting it on social media. Onlookers quickly made it a vital hit and left applauding comments.

The video shows Tyler walking to his truck as a clearly impatient Wally calmly sits upright in the driver’s seat with his paw casually depressing the horn. It’s blasting away, and the look on Wally’s face of being completely unimpressed with Tyler’s timing is hilarious. Tyler says he got a side-eye and continual horn blast until he finally opened the door, too.

How funny is Wally? Who could even be mad with a face and smarts like that, right? Use the comment section to wish Tyler and Wally the best and/or tell us about your own doggie antics. Give your friends and family a good laugh by passing Wally along to others.