Impatient Baby Elephant Opens Gate By Herself In Order To Visit Adopted Herd

Jul 31, 2020 by apost team

We all know how anxious we can get when something we anticipate is drawing near. This is exactly what happened earlier this year when a baby elephant named Khanyisa, who lives at the HERD Elephant Orphanage in South Africa, got a glimpse of her new family and simply couldn't wait to meet them. The feeling was clearly uncontrollable given that this elephant unlatched the gate to the pen herself, taking matters into her own trunk. Thanks to the staff at HERD's quick thinking, they captured Khanyisa's amazing feat on video.

An Exciting New Adventure

As soon as her gate is unlatched, the baby elephant takes off running to meet up with her new herd. Handlers attempt to stop her in order to grab the blanket off of her, but they aren't quick enough to do so before she plants herself right in between two adult elephants. Khanyisa snuggles with her new family for a bit before they all begin to surround her.

The Great Escape

Sensing that something is wrong, the reaction of Khanyisa's new herd was to protect her as a pride of lions nears. In the video, Owen, the Elephant Manager, explains this process and the ability of these elephants to sense the nearby threat. For a moment, we are unsure how this heartwarming story will turn out and fear for the worst. Yet, as the elephants are spotted going one way and the lions going another, everyone breathed a sigh of relief. Continuing on their stroll, Khanyisa eventually comes by to greet Owen.

An Immediate Predator

After a big first day with her new family, this albino baby elephant finally feels at home. Spending the rest of her evening suckling from her new adoptive mother, Khanyisa finds that she is right at home where she was meant to be.

Home at Last

This video is just one of many that pull at our heartstrings. If you liked this video of an adopted elephant who found her home with a loving family, let us know in the comments and make sure you pass this along to anyone who needs to smile today.