If Your Man Does These 11 Things Then Never Let Him Go

Apr 16, 2018 by apost team

Every woman is on the lifelong quest to find her prince charming. While there is no cookie cutter man for every woman, there are certain qualities that are attractive to everyone. A good man will have all 11 of these characteristics.

1. He Makes You Feel Like A Goddess


While you should always feel confident, it's your man's job to make you feel beautiful and appreciated. He not only compliments your looks but your intelligence and personality as well!


2. He Inspires You

He knows that in order to inspire, he must live through example. His own good character will inspire you to be the best that you can be, too!

3. He Supports You

While your man knows that it's impossible to bend over backward for someone all the time, he wants to be there for you as much as he can. He helps you through your problems with both physical and emotional support.

4. He Never Stops Growing


No one is perfect, but he spends each day trying to get closer. He is always learning and improving every facet of his life. Whether he is taking on new responsibilities, getting in shape, or learning new skills, he always does his best to succeed.

5. He Reassures You

You should never feel insecure in your relationship. He is doing everything he can to make you feel happy and deeply loved. You know that you can communicate about anything if there is something that's bothering you.

6. He Knows The Power Of The Little Things

Does he always make you coffee in the morning? Does he hold doors open for you or leave you love notes in the house? Your man finds small ways to show his affection for you to spice up your daily routine.

7. He Is Honest


He doesn't beat around the bush but he is also sensitive to your emotions. He knows exactly how to phrase the truth in a way that shows he is trustworthy and reliable.

8. He Never Loses Control

Maybe there will be times where he is extremely upset, but he will never take out his aggression on you. A good man doesn't hit or verbally abuse his lover.

9. He's Your Biggest Cheerleader

You have the confidence to know that he will be by your side through every step in life. He knows when to push you and when you need to take a step back from everything.

10. He Cherishes Your Trust


He works every day to build and maintain your trust in him. He will never go behind your back or lie about anything because he knows how easily trust is shattered. He doesn't want to hurt you or sabotage your relationship.

11. You Are His Priority

You always come first. You are his lady and he is your gentleman. This does not mean that he is your slave, but he wants to give and share as much as himself as he can.

Make sure all of your friends know how to spot a good man when they see one!