If Your Husband Does These 10 Things, You Hit The Marriage Jackpot

Oct 01, 2018 by apost team

Do you think that you have the world's best husband? If you hit the marriage jackpot, then you probably agree to the following 10 things. Finding the right person is an incredible blessing, so make sure to show your husband just how thankful you are.

10 Signs You Hit the Marriage Jackpot

1. He Says He Loves You

Some people find it hard to express their feelings. If you hit the marriage jackpot, then you have a husband who tells you how much he loves you all the time.

2. He Loves His Mother

The way a guy treats his mother is a sign of how he will treat his future wife. Respecting his mom is a sign that he respects other women and was raised to be a good spouse.

3. He Flirts With You

Over the years, the romance and infatuation die down. If you are lucky enough to have a good husband, he will still flirt with you like you just started dating. He does this to show you how much he cares and how attracted he is to you.

4. He Puts You First

A good spouse prioritizes their relationship. If your husband puts your needs above everything else, you are truly blessed.

5. He Makes Boring Things Fun

Even if you are just washing dishes, the task seems fun because you are together. Having the right husband makes even boring tasks seem like fun.



6. He Wants You to Achieve Your Dreams

When someone loves you completely, they want you to be happy. A great husband will always push you to achieve your dreams in life.

7. He Lifts You Up

Unfortunately, life cannot always be filled with happy moments. Luckily, your husband is there to comfort you when you are down and brighten your day.

8. He Works Hard

When you hit the marriage jackpot, you never have to worry about your husband doing his share of the chores. He works hard at the office so that you can have a wonderful life together.

9. He Surprises You

No matter how many years have passed, your husband goes out of his way to plan romantic dates. He surprises you with little gifts and your favorite meals because he wants to show how much he loves you.

10. He Compliments You

In a good relationship, both partners support each other. Your husband compliments you to boost your ego and make you feel amazing. He genuinely believes that you are the most amazing woman in the world.

If this described your husband perfectly, you are incredibly lucky. Show your friends this article and see if they are as lucky as you are.