If You've Given Too Much Of Yourself To The Wrong Guy, This Open Letter Is For You

Aug 27, 2018 by apost team

To begin, it is so very admirable that you have the capability to give so much to those around you. It can be heart-wrenching to always give so much of yourself to people who do not want to give as much back. Your own well-being is compromised when you put others ahead of you, but that is just the type of person you are. You always seek out and find the good in others. You also pay attention to the little things in a person that no one else bothers to find. 

You are quick to give yourself to the outcasts. These are the people who are often avoided by others because of their damage and issues. You want to help; in fact, you are certain you can take them in and fix them. Too often, though, you end up being taken advantage of because of your kindness. They will quickly turn on you even as you are helping them. They will keep taking and taking without giving anything back to you. You always end up feeling hurt, dejected, and utterly disappointed when the relationship is over. 


I really want to tell you that love will come to you if you continue to be a kind and gentle soul. But that would not be the truth. The truth is that people can and will continue to come into your life and be terrible to you. You’ll fall victim to it because you are truly a good person with a heart of gold. They will victimize you over and over in order to get what they want and ignore everything that matters to you. You’ll be abused and manipulated by people who have no regard for your feelings.

These types of people will string you along, but they will only give you little bits of love and affection to keep you wanting more. They won’t be their best selves for you all of the time, but they will want you to be 100% on your game for them. You’re such a caring and considerate person that you will consent to what they want. These men will only want you for what you can do for them. They won’t care about your needs at all.

They will do everything they can to take as much as possible from you. They will make it seem as if they are completely interested in you and your life, but all they really want is what you can give to them. They are just boys who don’t know the give-and-take of a relationship- they only know the take. They can’t provide you with the love and affection that you truly deserve. They will be too busy playing mind games with you. They don’t care if they make you feel insecure or trigger your anxieties. They will do everything they can to feed off of your vulnerabilities for their own gains. 

It’s so hard being a good person, isn’t it? That is who you are and no one wants that to change. But we want to see you reap the rewards of it. Let these men go-they are losers! You will find the right man one day if you are patient and open to the concept of someone giving back to you. Once you do, you’ll see those boys for what they really were users. You’ll see that you deserve the type of love you have been giving out.  

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