If You Love A Person, Then You Will Rearrange Your Priorities

When you love someone, they are never just an option. They are your first priority, and you make room for them in your schedule. This does not mean that you give up everything else that you love or all of your other friends.

It does not mean that you ignore your family members just to spend more time with the person that you love. It certainly does not mean that you skip work or ignore your homework to be with your lover.

You never have to give up your dreams, goals, beliefs or morals to be with someone.



Prioritizing the person you love just means that you spend time with them. When an important decision comes up, you make sure to listen to your partner and how you feel. You want to be happy still, but you also want your partner to be happy. You care about their feelings as much as you care about your own feelings.

When you love someone, you cannot make decisions based on just their own needs. Even if someone gives you an option that will make your day amazing, you will wait to decide if this helps your partner out as well. You no longer make selfish decisions because you care too much about your partner's happiness.

When your coworker wants to get a drink after work, you hesitate before replying. You have to check with your partner first. You know that you could grab a drink anyway, but you do not want your partner to be worried about you or depressed that you did not come home on time.

Most of all, you want to see if your partner would join you for drinks. When you love someone like this, you always think about their needs before you make any decision.


There is a difference between loving someone and living for someone. In a healthy relationship, you do not put your partner's needs entirely over your own needs. You both understand that you have to work together and meet both of your needs to have a healthy relationship. There will always be times when you cannot ask your partner about a decision because you are running late. There will be days when you are alone at home because they needed a night out with their friends to relax and gossip. 

Your partner cannot require you to drop everything or give up everything for them.

You cannot live your life entirely for someone else. You build a shared life that supports each of you. You cannot give up your own dreams just to make your partner happy.


When you care deeply about someone, you place them first. You never want them to feel like they were a second choice. When you go out to eat, you do not stare at your phone and wait for an important text. If you are having a conversation with someone else, you make sure that your partner feels included. If you have to be away from your partner on a business trip, you make sure that you call and text them all the time.

When you truly love someone, you always take care of them.

This might mean that you have to work harder to send texts, plan dates and clean the house, but the extra effort is worth it. It is never a waste of energy to devote time to someone you love.


When you love someone like this, you always make sure that they feel loved and appreciated. You never want them to feel taken for granted.

Instead, you go out of your way to show how grateful and blessed you feel. You want them to know that your world would never be the same without them in it.


If you have experienced a love like this before, we want to hear about it! Let us know what unconditional love was like for you. How did you prioritize your partner's needs?