If You Ever See A Cat With Purple Painted Paws: Take It To The Nearest Rescue Shelter Immediately

Oct 15, 2018 by apost team

When animals are in need of help, us humans take action. There are so many videos of us saving an animal from drowning--whether it's a dog, horse, or even a wild deer. Not to mention, we are keen to spot the signs of animal abuse or neglect, stepping in and taking action when needed.

Yet, one cat in Naples, Florida, is gaining some attention for the help she didn't receive. When Megan Sobra took in this cat at her very own shelter called Naples Cat Alliance, she simply couldn't believe the cruelty the cat had encountered.


The cat, somehow, had been the victim of getting some purple paws. It's clearly done with paint and, even though it might "look cool," it's quite dangerous to apply paint to any animal, on any part of their body. It's unclear whether it was a prank or some sort of twisted beauty pageant, but Sobra is using this as an opportunity to spread some awareness on animal cruelty.

Because Sobra has been working in the field of animal rescue for so long, she was able to uncover the real reason behind why this cat had purple paws. It's somewhat disturbing, but Sobra doesn't hold back.

Perhaps you're just like Sobra--you've seen it all and while you whole-heartedly empathize with animals who suffer at the hands of cruelty, you're never really surprised by the evil, humanity can enact on other living creatures.

Even still, the truth behind the purple paws is gut wrenching.

We've all heard of dog fighting. It's one of the most disturbing forms of animal cruelty. People raise these dogs from puppies for one purpose only: to fight and kill other dogs. They're only taught rage and destruction, and their life boils down to one or two fights before they sustain gruesome injuries or, even worse, die.

It's no matter to the owners, though, because they're just in it to make money; they have a whole hoard of dogs ready to fight at any moment.

Sometimes, an extra bit gets thrown into the dog fighting rings. Dog fighters will usually place bets on which dog will win; however, they'll often cover the white parts on cats with different colored paints/spray paint, in order to separate them. It's much easier to refer to it as "the green cat" than "the cat with the spot on it's tail."

These color coded cats are thrown into the dog fight, and dog fighters place bets on which cat will die first, second, last, etc.

That's exactly what happened to the purple-pawed cat. In a miraculous turn of events for the cat, it somehow managed to escape. Sobra has seen it before yet these instances seem to hit home; any cats with abnormal coloration on its paws should always be considered a victim of animal fighting unless proved otherwise.

Even though the purple-pawed cat faced some adversity, Sobra is happy to nurse it back to health in order to find the perfect, loving home to live.

Animals deserve much better. Be sure to be aware of this kind of abuse and keep a lookout for those purple painted paws. Don't forget to pass this article to your animal loving friends so that there is more awareness.