If You Answer Yes To More Than 5 Of These Questions You Might Be An Old Fashioned Friend

Jul 28, 2017 by apost team

In the current era of technology - cellphones, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and everything in between, relationships and friendships have changed. Instead of long deep meaningful conversations, things are expressed in quick emojis or tagged memes. And while there are bonuses to this new instant environment and people you can stay in touch with from across the world... some of us still crave something more so we came up with this checklist to find some similar people.

“Friendship is a living thing that lasts only as long as it is nourished with kindness, empathy and understanding.”

If you find yourself answering yes to 5 or more of these points - you are an old-fashioned friend at heart and value your friendships above all else.


1. You would rather hear your friends voice than read a text.

While a Whatsapp message is fine for a quick chat, you prefer long conversations on the phone where you can actually hear your friend’s voice.


2. You show your love by doing good deeds.

You prefer to buy your friends small gifts when you see something that reminds you of them, or help them mow their lawn to show them your love rather than by tagging them in a meme on Facebook.


3. You love buying and wrapping presents rather than sending them an amazon voucher

When birthdays come around you go full out - homemade card, lots of ribbons and balloons are a must! You don’t believe in emailing an Amazon voucher or writing on their Facebook wall.


4. You still believe in things like book clubs and girls nights

A Monday night doesn’t mean watching The Bachelorette home alone, it means sitting around with your girlfriends and discussing a book, or doing an art class - basically any excuse to be together and drink some wine!  


5. You like to write letters and postcards

It might be antiquated but you love writing notes, letters or postcards. Basically anything that is handwritten and can be kept forever.  


6. Good weather is an excuse to get outside with friends not go sit in a restaurant

When the sun is shining you are planning picnics, walks in the parks or a barbecue in the garden. Good quality time with the people you love rather than trying to speak over the people next to you at this week’s hottest restaurant.


7. You have printed out photographs of you together, not just on Facebook

Your room is full of actual photographs of you and your friends so when you want to remember a memory, you don’t have to scroll through Facebook or the depths of your Dropbox.  


8. You like to bake for friends rather than meet in an artisanal cafe

You have a go-to muffin recipe and know how your friends take their coffee. You can sit for hours in your kitchen baking together rather than paying large amounts of money on a Grande, Iced, Sugar-Free, Vanilla Latte With Soy Milk.


9. You know the love lives of your friends better than the love lives of celebrities

The love lives of every Kardashian are less important to you than those of your friends. You know the most recent person they are crushing on and not just by Instagram stalking them.



10. You get your news directly from your friend not from Snapchat

If something happened over the weekend you hear about it straight from your friend rather than via their Snapchat story. You don’t need Facebook to remind you it’s their birthday or to find out how their holiday was because you already know.


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