Identical Quadruplets Made Waves On The News Years Ago — This Is What They Look Like At Age 17

Nov 30, 2023 by apost team

Welcoming babies is one of the best moments an expecting couple could ever get, but what if it was twins? Triplets? Or even quadruplets? The experience must be extra special because four bundles of joy are born just minutes apart from each other.

This is what a couple named Julia and Jose lived through. The pair decided to get married in 2005 as they wanted to start a new chapter in their lives at the time. 

According to a video published by Real Stories in November 2018, Jose already had a son from his previous relationship, but since both of them were in their 30s, they wanted to have kids of their own. 

It wasn’t easy at first because the couple discovered that they were having a “few problems” conceiving children, and when they consulted a medical professional, it was revealed that the reason why they had a hard time was due to Julia’s age at the time because she was not ovulating regularly.

A miracle soon happened when the woman finally got pregnant, and their story began. Over the next few months, they started planning out their lives for their new bundle of joy.

During an ultrasound session, the doctor revealed that they were having a “multiple pregnancy,” and at first, they thought it would be twins, but they were later shocked to find out that it was quadruplets.

“He said there’s actually four babies in here at which point Julie burst out crying,” Jose said.

At the time, Julie was the 27th woman in the world to conceive quadruplets naturally, which is super rare.  

Although they were over the moon with happiness, there was also a big worry because they were warned of the potential risks for both the mom and her four unborn children.

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In 2006, when Julie was seven months pregnant, one of the babies was struggling to survive in the womb, so they were all delivered via cesarean despite being two months early.

The four babies made it out at 29 weeks, and each of them weighed less than three pounds. They were named Ellie, Holly, Jessica, and Georgina. All of them were girls and very much identical to one another, which made it hard to identify them when they were infants, so Julie would write their initials on their feet.

They all went home, and ever since, the happy family went on to experience a very hectic but joy-filled family life. Deciding to lean into the quadruplet’s identical appearance, Jose and Julie also decided to give them identical clothing, make them the same food, and gift them with the same toys.

In the video, the girls went on to experience their first day of primary school together, and it appeared that they were happy interacting with other children.

Fast forward to years later, in March 2023, photos of the four girls, now young women, were posted on social media. At the time, they celebrated their 17th birthday.

“Happy 17th birthday to our wonderful beautiful daughters! Can’t believe how fast that has gone. Such a joy and privilege…” Jose wrote in the caption on Instagram.

Ellie, Holly, Jessica, and Georgina looked happy playing with their dog and opening their presents together. As they grew up, all of them had curly hair and glasses. However, it seemed like they had grown to have different preferences based on the gifts they received for the special occasion.

What do you think about the four lovely girls that were raised by their parents? How would you react if you ever found out that you’re expecting quadruplets? Let us know your thoughts, and make sure to pass this on to your friends and family. 

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