Identical Milwaukee Twins Receive Nearly 40 College Acceptances — And Scholarships Worth $1 Million

May 23, 2020 by apost team

Two twin sisters from Milwaukee are proof positive of how education can open doors. The young women, Arielle and Arianna Williams, were both accepted into 38 different schools and became the recipients of $1 million in combined, cumulative scholarship aid this year.

Speaking with reporters from WDJT Milwaukee, the twins say that their work ethic is the reason they have been so successful with their education. Arielle describes herself and her sister Arianna as “overachievers,” while Arianna says that throughout their education, they always sought to go above their teachers’ basic expectations.

“We never wanted to do the basic,” Arianna told the local news outlet in May. “We always wanted to go above and do beyond that.”

The two will be graduating from Dr. Howard Fuller Collegiate Academy at the end of the school year, WDJT Milwaukee reports. Arianna will be valedictorian with Arielle close behind her as the class’s salutatorian. While some might think that Arianna and Arielle have been in competition for the top spot, the two say that they have never once felt the need to outdo one another. Arianna says that they see themselves as one and, had Arielle become valedictorian, she would have seen it as her victory as well.

When asked why they chose to apply to so many schools, Arielle and Arianna explained that Dr. Howard Fuller Collegiate Academy requires seniors to apply to a minimum of three schools. True to form, the twin girls decided to go above and beyond in their college search by applying to 38 universities each. Among the schools the girls sent applications to were colleges as far away as Alaska.

Nevertheless, when the time came to choose which school they would inevitably attend, Arianna and Arielle knew that they had to go somewhere close to home. Among their top choices were Benedict College, Hampton University and Marquette University, the sisters told WDJT Milwaukee. The two eventually chose Marquette in their hometown of Milwaukee as the school they would attend in the fall. Discussing their reasoning, the two told of how their tuition is almost completely covered at Marquette, and that they had been accepted into the school through the Educational Opportunity Program. The two will study nursing at the university as the profession runs in the family.

In a statement to the press, Judith Parker, the principal of Dr. Howard Fuller College Academy, celebrated Arianna and Arielle’s successful high school career. Parker told of how the two sisters are positive representatives for the school, having organized community service drives and even meeting former First Lady Michelle Obama. Principal Parker also wished the sisters well with their college education.

According to local news station WDJT Milwaukee, when asked to give advice to other kids in high school, Arianna and Arielle say that they want to inspire kids who might not feel motivated by the pandemic to go above and beyond. Above all, the two wisely encourage high schoolers to not be afraid of failure. Rather being afraid of trying new things, the twins say to learn from your mistakes and come back stronger than ever.

In sum, Arianna and Arielle’s story is exemplative of the power of persistence. The two girls always gave their best in school and, as such, scored admission to dozens of colleges and became the recipients of $1 million in scholarships.

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