"I Tried Marriage And It Wasn't For Me": Whoopi Goldberg Believes Marriage Is Not For Her Any Longer

Entertainer and talk show host Whoopi Goldberg has never shied from sharing her opinion on subjects. As a co-host on “The View” talk show, it’s apart of her job to express her self on various topics of conversation, she even shares her thoughts on why marriage isn’t for her. 

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In an interview with The New York Times, Whoopi opened up about why she prefers to remain unmarried.

“I’m much happier on my own. I can spend as much time with somebody as I want to spend, but I’m not looking to be with somebody forever or live with someone.”

She went onto say that she’s not interested in marriage.

“I don’t want somebody in my house.”


The 63-year-old was married three times starting with her six-year marriage to Alvin Martin with whom she shares a daughter. She went on to marry two more times before calling it quits in 1995.

“I’d be thinking, why don’t I feel the thing that I’m supposed to? Then one day I thought: I don’t have to do this. I don’t have to conform. I tried marriage, and it wasn’t for me. You can’t be in a marriage because everybody’s expecting you to,” Whoopi told the magazine.

In 2014, she told the Oprah Winfrey Network that she believes she is "not a good marrying person."

The “Sister Act” star keeps herself busy by appearing on The View and more recently launching her new clothing line brand called Dubgee.  Speaking to Business of Fashion about why she created her own clothing line she said,

“I never want to explain why I have something on… Who’s to tell you it’s wrong? Nobody. If I’m happy, leave me alone about what I’ve got on,” she said. “Maybe I was ahead of my time. Maybe now is the time.”

We can’t agree more Whoopi!

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