"I Still Consider Myself A Married Man" 'Dallas' Star Patrick Duffy Can't Accept The Passing Of His Wife Over 2 Years Ago

Actor Patrick Duffy still considers himself a married man, even though his wife died two years ago.

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Carlyn Rosser, Duffy’s wife, died in 2017. The Dallas actor Duffy, 70, says it’s been rough for him, even after two years. Duffy wishes he’d had more time with his late wife.

Patrick’s wife died on January 23, 2017. The couple had been married for 43 wonderful years. That’s an astonishingly long time for a Hollywood couple to stay together. But Duffy doesn’t feel like he’s a widower.

Duffy states that he can still feel her presence. His noble goal is to live his life to Caryln’s expectations.


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Despite feeling his late wife’s presence, Duffy does miss certain aspects of their lives together. He says he misses her touch and their physical closeness. For this reason, Patrick Duffy told Closer Weekly, "I still consider myself a married man."

Duffy didn’t expect Caryln’s death. It came as a surprise to him. Like many people who’ve lost a loved one, Patrick Duffy now understands how short life feels, and how quickly time flies.

He continues with his life, supported by his two sons, Padraic Terence Duffy, 45, and Conor Frederick Duffy, 39. Learning to live life without his wife has been a challenge he admitted to Closer Weekly. Duffy didn’t have any warning before Caryln died.

After becoming famous by starring in the hit TV series “Dallas” as the younger of the Ewing brothers, Duffy has gone on with his life and raised his family. But now he realizes that the time he has left remains much less than the time ahead of him.

Duffy also has the love and support of his four grandchildren to help see him through his loss.

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