I No Longer Have The Energy To Chase After You

Sep 27, 2018 by apost team

I no longer have the energy for you.


I have been drained of any energy for you. You let me chase you for too long and I can’t do it anymore. I am too tired to put in any more energy into you. I can bring myself to even give you the slightest amount of effort.



Things are going to change. You won’t hear from me like you used to. I won’t answer you within minutes like I used to. You will no longer be at the top of my priority list. If you ask me to come over, I might be too busy for you. I will no longer cancel plans for you. I won’t rush over there the minute you call.


I’m not trying to be overly harsh or mean. I am just too tired to care. I am tired of giving my all with nothing in return. I now realize a relationship is never going to happen so I won’t try so hard for one.


I’m not going to think of the perfect response for you. I’m not going to plan out the perfect text. Expect to get one-word answers from me, just like the many I have received from you. You won’t be the one I look for in a crowded room. You will no longer get any special treatment.


You might wonder why I suddenly change. You will think it came out of nowhere. But it didn’t. How long did you expect me to hang on your every word? How long did you think you could keep me on the hook without reeling me in? Did you just assume I had nothing better to do than to wait for you? Did you think I have no other options?


I don’t get excited to talk to you anymore. I don’t light up when I see your face. I don’t get excited when you text me. I don't wait to hear from you.


At one point in my life, I would have done anything to see you. I would have done anything to feel wanted by you. I would stay up late on the nights you felt like talking to me.


But I don’t have that kind of energy anymore. There’s nothing for me to give to you anymore. You have taken it all, stolen it all from me. I know it's not worth the effort.


I can’t take the time out of my day to think of a great response to your text. Eventually, I won’t take the time to answer you at all. You probably will stop texting me. We will drift apart and it won’t be my fault. I did my best to make things work.


This would just prove you never really cared about me to begin with. You never did your part in our relationship. It was a one-sided relationship. I was the only one putting in the effort and I realize that now.


I should have stopped chasing you long ago. I thought I could change you. I thought I would be different. But I was wrong. I deserve to be treated better. I am done chasing you. I no longer have the energy to put into chasing you.

When did you know it was time to give up the chase? Let us know how this made you feel.