Husky Picks A Kitten At Shelter And Takes It Home With Him

Jan 14, 2020

For a long time, the Tamaskan husky puppy “Little Raven”, spent her life alone with just her human mom, Christina. While Little Raven loved spending time with her mom, everyone could tell that this little dog was sick of being the only furry family member. That was when Christina decided that it was time to open their home to another animal – and she was going to involve Little Raven in every step of the process.

Christina explains that she had always had a dream of raising a dog and a cat together side-by-side. She wanted both animals and, knowing how often the two species are enemies, she decided it would be best for them to grow up together.

To ensure that Little Raven would bond well with her new feline family member, Christina opted to take the puppy along to the local shelter in Lubbock, Texas, so that they could choose the cat together.

At the shelter, four kittens were introduced to Little Raven. The first three kittens showed very little interest in the puppy, but one fluffy kitty named “Woodhouse” instantly fell in love! The bond was easy to see, and Christina decided that Woodhouse needed to be a part of their family.

Christina explains that the puppy and kitten were inseparable from the start, with Woodhouse and Little Raven cuddling together and showing their love for each other.

The two animals have now been together for a year and, while Christina reports that their relationship has changed, it has only grown stronger with time. They still love to be near each other and enjoy playing with one another.

In some at-home videos, we can see that Woodhouse loves to groom Little Raven and spends a lot of time giving her K-9 sibling baths! When they snuggle up for a nap, their bodies intertwine, with Little Raven wrapping her tail around Woodhaven.

The two even had a birthday party together complete with a pet-friendly cake and party décor!

It’s so sweet to see that this unlikely pair has remained so close and that Christina has been able to see her dream come to life before her eyes! Look through the videos and photos of this adorable pair – have you ever seen anything any cuter?

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