Husband Wants To Void Prenup After Learning Spouse Earns More, Wife Laughs At Request

Jan 13, 2022 by apost team

Getting married is a beautiful occasion for a couple as they get to celebrate their love for one another. It’s a commitment to each other through the good times and bad times. Sadly, not all marriages last, which has given people a reason to think about what could happen years down the road if they were to ever find themselves in that situation.

For one 32-year-old woman, she explained that she and her 34-year-old husband were experiencing some issues. They have been married for six years and had signed a prenuptial agreement prior to getting married. This is a written contract between the pair that most likely listed their properties, debts and any other financial assets they wanted to make known. This way, if they were to ever divorce, the woman would be able to protect her finances, while her husband would be able to keep what is rightfully his.

Cut to January 2022 when the woman took to Reddit to ask users if she was wrong for laughing in her husband’s face regarding their prenup situation. The original poster (OP) explained how he had forced her to get the prenup years ago, but now that she makes three times more money than him, he wants to void it. 

OP didn’t see a reason to do so since her husband had always been the one who was very protective of his finances. The pair have since argued quite a bit to the point that even the husband’s family got involved, calling out the woman for her outlandish behavior.

Financial Issues

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In her Reddit post, OP talked about her marital situation. She said, “Before we got married he had me sign a prenup stating that our finances would always be separate and the only thing we would share was an expense account to pay for household related fees. The reason for this was because he was making pretty good money and I was in graduate school so my financial situation was pretty bad but I signed nonetheless because I understood he wanted to protect himself.”

Nowadays, OP makes more than her husband — three times as much, in fact, though they never disclosed how much they each make. She is a nurse and he is a software engineer. Recently, OP decided to splurge and buy a new car, purchasing an Audi. Her husband was gone on a business trip and came home to see the new car and was extremely happy for his wife but wondered about the monthly payments.

“At this point I told him that I had made the purchase in cash and that I had no monthly payments,” OP said. Her husband was confused, but she clarified that she made more than enough to afford it and that was the end of the conversation for a bit. 

“After a few hours he came back to me and told (me) that he thinks we should void the prenup,” OP said. She responded by laughing in his face and asking why she would agree to that. “His answer was that we’re married and should share our finances,” OP said.

Reconsidering Her Current Situation

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OP continued, “So I told him that we’ve been married for six years and yet we’ve never shared financials and I was fine with what we were doing, and his sudden change of heart was very suspicious. He called me a bunch of names and stormed out and didn’t come home and I guess he told his family about our fight and they called to berate me….”

Since then, OP has wondered if she was rude for laughing in her husband’s face. Redditors assured her that she was right to want to stick with the prenup but called out the issues in her relationship. 

One user commented, “I would have laughed too. But I find it very strange you both have no knowledge of the other’s finances. He wanted the prenup and he got it. Don’t back down.” Another user added, “Not gonna lie, you two don’t sound like partners. You sound like you’re against each other in life. Take this change of heart as the red flag that it is and consider how you want to proceed.”

OP has since edited her post to clarify her current situation, explaining that she knew her husband’s salary when they first got together, but he has since been promoted and said it’s rude to ask someone how much they make. She continued, “I make 3x what he makes (I made the assumption from what I knew his salary had been).” OP concluded by saying she was going to take some time off from work to sort out her life and reconsider her relationship with her husband.

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Do you think this woman was rude to laugh in her husband’s face after he found out she makes more money than him and wants to get rid of their prenup? Let us know, and feel free to send this to your loved ones, too.

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