Husband Sets A Trap, See This Wife’s Awesome Response

Sep 06, 2017 by apost team

As a husband, suddenly you perceive that your wife is emotionally distant and unloving. Now, how do you find out what will be her reaction if you upped and left her?As a husband, you pen a letter indicating that you do not love or want to live with her anymore. In retrospect, it may seem self-indulgent, but anyway you need to know the depth of her feelings for you.After penning the letter, you place it on her side of the bed, as well as hiding under the bed waiting for her to come home. By now you are a bundle of raw nerves as you anticipate her reaction to your letter. Eventually, she gets home, sees, and reads your letter.You wait a while for her reaction. All the while, her silence baffles you but wait she takes out a pen and scribbles on the letter. As she does so she simultaneously whistles, sings, and dances. What does this mean? Instead of her being frustrated, mad, and angry with you she seems rather happy and free. No doubt, this is a shocker with the situation spiraling out of your control.Then she proceeds to make a phone call that you get to listen to in its entirety. The phone call unfolds like this: hey love, I have made up my mind and am ready to meet with you. Oh, my husband? Well, we are no longer together. I have pissed him off, and he has left in a huff. Forget that fool. I had not planned to marry him either way. My only regret is we never got to meet earlier. So long my love.She drops the call and walks out of the bedroom.After you are sure that she has left the house and gone away, you tearfully get from under the bed. You gingerly make your way to the bedside table and collect the letter. As you read the letter, you are amazed utterly by what she has written. Your eyes now are clogging with tears as you struggle to read what she has written, two sentences. “Hey you numbskull, get out from under the bed. See you later; I am out to get bread.”