Husband Says Wife Is 'Extra Hormonal' After Allowing Family To Plan Visit For A Week Directly After She Gives Birth

Jan 13, 2022 by apost team

Childbirth is one of life's miracles, but it can also be a traumatic experience for the body. There are so many changes that happen to a new mom right after their child is born, and the baby takes up nearly every moment of the day with feeding, changing diapers, and trying to put them to sleep. For all of these reasons and more, a mother may not want to host any guests right after they get home from the hospital. 

One man, who shared his story on Reddit, invited his family to stay at his house for the week after his wife gives birth without consulting her first. When the expecting mother found out, she was shocked and upset. When she tried to explain that the time right after birth is important for the baby and mother to bond, the husband dismissed her feelings and said that wasn't a good enough reason.

The husband said that he thinks his family are great people who will be able to help with the baby, especially his mom. The wife insisted that she would not be able to host guests and he needed to cancel, but still he refused. This infuriated the wife, and she stopped talking to her husband for the entire day.

In his post, the husband explained that he feels torn between his wife and family and like there is no good option for him to choose. He tried to get the wife to cancel and explain her reasoning, but she wasn't comfortable with that since it is his family and she wants them to like her. Keep reading to learn more about this situation and to see what commenters had to say to the husband.

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Part of the reason the family wanted to stay so badly was that they hadn't seen the author in months. He wrote in his Reddit post:

"My wife (23) and I (27) are expecting. She's due this month and things have been a bit intense recently with her being extra hormonal. We live in a different state than my family. My wife and I couldn't visit for Christmas. my parents were calling to continue complaining about us not spending Christmas with them and demanded I make it up for them. I said I was open to any suggestions they had and they suggested they come stay with us for a week once the baby is born."

The husband added: "I immediately told (wife) that I agreed to let them over for a week once the baby is born to make up for the holiday we missed with them. She first looked shocked then freaked out at me saying I shouldn't have invited them just like that without talking to her first. I asked why not since she loves them and loves being around them but she explained that my family can be a lot of work and having them as guests while caretaking for a newborn is the last thing she wanted."

To that, he said: "I argued that she was being melodramatic right then because my family are decent people and I'm pretty sure they'll make this experience a lot warmer but she still disagreed and said if my family were decent then they wouldn't have accepted my invitation but I clarified to her that I did NOT invite and this was in fact a suggested made by them and I just agreed AFTER they complained about me missing spending the holidays with them."

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The aftermath of this argument wasn't pretty. "She went off on me demanding I call them and cancel everything I planned with them but I thought that was unacceptable since she gave not a good enough reason for me to do that and besides my parents can help but she still denied that being true. She's gone radio silence for the rest of the day and is acting like my family is somehow making her uncomfortable though they're not the judgemental or intrusive type," the author wrote.

The top comment on the post has over 60,000 up-votes. It says: "Your wife will have just pushed a fair-sized melon out of her body. There is a good chance she will have been torn or cut. There is a good chance she won't be able to sit down. There is a chance that the bathroom will not be guest-ready after she has been in there."

The commenter added, "Her milk will come in on about Day 5 which is often extremely painful causes a huge hormonal surge and causes the milk blues. Your baby may be an angel but then again it may not you wife might be feeding very very frequently meaning she won't sleep she will be exhausted and cry a lot."

They ended their comment by writing: "You think none of this is a good reason to not want to host guests. In short, the only people who should be staying with you are people who have seen her naked and could actually help her in the bathroom like her mother sister or husband."

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Who do you think was right in this situation? Was the husband being insensitive? Let us know, and feel free to pass this on to your friends and family.

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