Husband Pens Viral Social Media Message Addressed To His Nurse Wife

Jan 16, 2019 by apost team

Phillip Urtz who lives in Rome, New York has some wonderful things to say about his dear wife, Jessica. She's a nurse to stroke victims and cares for them every day of their life and hers. Phillip knows this is a stressful job and is very understanding about it. Jessica doesn't show that she is tired or stressed and even overwhelmed but he knows that she is and she has to be feeling worn out and overworked at times.

He wanted her and the world to know just how much he cares for her and especially wants her to know the support she has from him. With that, he penned an open letter completely dedicated to Jessica on his Facebook page. Jessica was finishing up a normal day of a 14-hour shift.

She had returned to her home to rest for the evening. She made herself a sandwich for dinner and then headed to bed to catch some's. She knew that she had another hard day of work ahead of her so she needed the recharge desperately. This is when Phillip made his move and showed Jessica just how much he cares for her.

You won't believe how amazing his words truly are.H e writes about her dinner as she comes home from her 14-hour shift. He tells how she eats her dinner, goes to bed and then it's right back to work again the next day.He talks about how she gets up early to start her day and how she isn't a morning person and he can respect that. Phillip details how she does little for herself, focusing on getting to work. He goes on about how Jessica quickly gets a bath and pulls her hair up. She packs her lunch and says her goodbyes to him and the dog on the way out.

He goes on to talk about how she cares of people who are dealing with the worst days in their lives. He describes the types of patients she sees: victims from motorcycle accidents, strokes, brain damage, falls, car accidents, and many other types. And, the people that she cares for are sisters, mothers, fathers, friends, bothers, and others. He let's people know that Jessica doesn't play any type of favoritism. She doesn't care who you are or what kind of predicament you're in, she's going to take care of you if you're one of her patients.

He goes to describe how she works through her lunch very often and rarely even has time to even sit down and eat. He talks of her evening after a 14-hour shift. She walks through the door and kicks her shoes off after she has experienced one of the more challenging days. She just wants to sit down and have some peace. Phillip says he doesn't even ask her about how her day went because she usually doesn't like discussing her days and he is absolutely fine with that.

He is happy to listen when she does want to talk about her day. Her days are a mix of happiness and sadness. But, it doesn't matter how she is feeling, she will be there on time for the next shift. He wants everyone to know that he loves her with every ounce of his heart. He describes her a being his hero - his wife, the stroke nurse. His post seems to be inspired by a post written by Bobby Wesson. Below you will find Bobby's Wesson's post summarized.

Bobby describes his wife napping and how she'll get up and dress in scrubs to start her day.He talks about the tools that she needs and how she'll dress herself and complain that she doesn't look good. But, he completely disagrees with her over a cup of coffee.She attempts to play with their child while drinking her coffee. As they talk she sometimes stares off and you can tell she is silently getting herself mentally ready for her upcoming shift 

.On her way out she tells everyone goodbye and leaves them with a kiss. She'll go on to care for others that are dealing with some of the worst days. She has to care for those with gunshot wounds, car wrecks, explosions, breaks, and burns and it doesn't matter who they are are, she'll be there and care for them.

She'll come home after her long shift with her aching feet, kick her shoes off and leave it all outside. Sometimes she'll want to discuss her day and other times she won't. Sometimes she'll laugh and sometimes she'll cry but regardless she'll be there at work for her next shift.He ends his post with "My wife is a nurse. My wife is a hero."

Send this on to a loving nurse who is your hero. I'm sure they would love to read this. It's very inspiring to hear how nurses are truly loved!