Husband Labeled ‘Cruel’ For Changing His Newborn Daughter’s Name Behind Wife’s Back

May 13, 2022 by apost team

Becoming a parent is exciting for a lot of reasons. You have the chance to start a beautiful family and raise your child or children to become the best possible version of themselves. The steps leading up to becoming a parent and preparing to have kids can also be extremely fun, like picking out items for the baby’s nursery and coming up with the perfect baby name.

When it comes to having a baby, picking out the child’s name is one of the most exciting parts. You can go with a traditional option, pick a name you always wanted for yourself, pick one that you’ve grown to really love or choose one that has sentimental value.

A husband went to Reddit in Feb. 2022 to talk about how he and his wife came up with their baby names but asked users for advice involving a pretty serious matter. He and his wife both agreed that they would take turns picking out their kids’ names and that the wife would be the one to choose their middle names since she was the one carrying them.

However, after his daughter was born, the husband wanted to give her a different name than the pair had already agreed on. His wife was supposed to be able to pick out her full name, but the husband didn’t think it was fair anymore so he changed it while his wife fell asleep in her hospital room just a short period of time after she had given birth. Since then, the couple has been on horrible terms, and the husband is desperately in need of some help.

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Starting off his Reddit post, the original poster (OP) said that he and his wife had their second child and first daughter in Feb. 2022. They had previously agreed that OP would name their first son and his wife would name their first daughter. 

“My wife decided because she had carried the children she would decide both of their middle names,” OP said. “She wanted to pass on a family traditional name on her mother’s side and wanted to pass on her paternal grandmother’s middle name as well.”

He explained that their first child was a boy and was given the family traditional middle name that his wife had wanted to pass down. “It’s a unisex name that always goes to the first born child,” OP said. While it didn’t seem like there had been any issues with the names so far, OP ran into a predicament when he wanted to change his future daughter’s middle name.

“At first I didn’t care about the middle names but while my wife was pregnant with our second, my grandmother passed,” he said. “I asked her if we could give the baby my grandmother’s middle name and she said no. We fought but I gave up.”

However, OP came up with a plan on the spot just a short time after his wife had given birth to their daughter. The nurse came in with the paper to name the baby, and OP decided that this was his chance to give his daughter the name he wanted her to have.

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OP explained: “My wife was passed out asleep and the nurse just asked if we had a name picked out. I said yes and filled out the form with my grandmother’s middle name.” OP’s wife woke up about an hour later and he immediately told her what he had done. His wife was furious, to say the least. 

“We got into a huge fight and she claimed she’d be changing it but she can’t because you need both parents to sign off on a name change,” OP said. He continued: “It’s been three days and my wife is giving me the silent treatment. Along with her visiting family. Even my family said it was a cruel thing to do while she was asleep.”

Unfortunately for OP, he didn’t find many supporters on Reddit, as many of the users agreed that he was definitely wrong for changing his daughter’s middle name behind his wife’s back.

One user commented: “Your wife just gave birth and passed out and you use it as an opportunity to get your way in an argument? You two seriously need to work on your conflict resolution skills, this is so bad.” Another added:

"Your wife was probably still in pain after giving birth. Instead of being there to comfort her, you pull this move.”

A third user said: “Whose last name do the kids have? My guess is yours. If both kids have a family name from you, it makes sense that she would want to pass down a family name from her side using the middle names.”

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What do you think about this husband’s actions? Whose side are you on? Let us know, and be sure to pass this along to your family and friends, too.

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