Husband And Wife Celebrate 85th Wedding Anniversary And Discuss Their Key To Longevity

Sep 24, 2020 by apost team

Marriage is a glorious thing, but without equal work and dedication for both people involved, there is a chance of it not lasting as long as hoped. Married couples everywhere struggle with the common problem of keeping their marriage satisfying. After a few years of going through the same routine, life can become dull. But one exceptional couple has shown the world that maintaining a happy marriage — no matter how long — is possible,

Earlier this month, Ralph and Dorothy Kohler of Nebraska celebrated their 85th wedding anniversary, making them America's oldest, longest-living married couple.

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One married couple has recently celebrated their 85th wedding anniversary and were more than happy to share their secrets for a long and joyful marriage. Ralph Kohler and Dorothy fell in love during their young, teenage years, as WOWT News reports. Shortly after, they tied the knot and have been married ever since. Now aged 102 and 100 respectively, Ralph and his wife Dorothy are still deeply in love with each other.

The couple met in Nebraska just before Dorothy was about to relocate to Colorado with her family, according to the Omaha World-Herald. They were running out of time and Ralph made a desperate move to make Dorothy stay with him. He proposed to her just before she was about to leave and she happily agreed. On September 16th of 1935, the couple appeared at the Burt County Courthouse hoping to get married. But they were turned away due to their young ages. Dorothy and Ralph were still in their teenage years during their first attempt at marriage.

The couple later claimed that everyone thought that their relationship was temporary. Because they were so young, no one had thought that they would last. The families of the couple were both surprised when Ralph proposed. Against all odds, the couple returned to the courthouse the following day and had success in convincing a judge to get them married. 85 years later, the couple is still thriving and ready to share their story.

Ralph and Dorothy credit their successful marriage to mutual understanding. They learned to accept each other's passions, as they explain in the video below. They equally participated in each other's hobbies, including ballroom dancing and clay shooting. If either one of them did not enjoy an activity, they would accept it and participate because the other person enjoyed it. Dorothy even went on to become a trap shooting national champion in 1952, according to KSDK's video report (below).

In addition to accepting hobbies and passions, the couple states that it is best to resolve any issues right away. Leaving a problem unattended can cause negative feelings to foster and eventually create cracks within a marriage. These cracks can lead to great strain or even end a marriage.

The average marriage typically lasts seven years, according to Law Info. Modern individuals struggle to let themselves truly connect with other people. These emotional barriers often deter us from any type of relationship, whether it be platonic or romantic. Ralph and Dorothy's marriage lasted so long due to their understanding.

Even if their feelings for one another had faded over time, they truly enjoyed spending time with one another. They had thoroughly removed any emotional barriers and supported each other through their worst moments. That is what creates a long and successful marriage.

Dorothy and Ralph Kohler have recently celebrated their 85th wedding anniversary and were more than happy to share their secrets for such a long-lasting marriage. The couple claims that the most important aspect is understanding and accepting each other. This affects every aspect of their marriage, from quickly resolving issues to participating in activities together. Furthermore, they state that couples should always support one another in every situation.

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