Humane Society Is Looking For Volunteers Who Want To Cuddle Shelter Puppies

The Tampa Bay branch of the Human Society has recently introduced some new, highly specialized positions that need to be filled immediately. This is a job that somebody would be crazy to turn down. The Human Society has been hiring people to snuggle with dogs. The organization is looking for people to spend time with their shelter dogs in order to keep them company.

As a retired deputy, Jeff Honig doesn't seem like the type of person to cuddle with dogs in his spare time. In reality, Jeff is loving every minute of the experience.

Although he already has four cats at home, he still finds satisfaction in spending quality time with the shelter dogs. After all, dogs are man's best friend. Jeff knows that the dogs benefit a lot from the positive interaction.

The Tampa Bay shelter is in great need of volunteers to snuggle with their dogs. The Human Society is more than appreciative for all of the time that Jeff is willing to put towards making these dogs feel more comfortable. It's surprising that more people aren't jumping at the chance to cuddle dogs for a living. It sounds like a dream job.

The Human Society has created this position as a way to help soothe dogs who are coming out of surgery. This is often a confusing time for animals.

When school is not in season, there are plenty of student volunteers willing to work with these dogs. However, it can be difficult to find people during the actual school year. Students are busy with classes, exams, and extracurricular activities.

As students make up a majority of volunteers during the summer, the shelter is in high need of people when the winter rolls around.

Although this position sounds light-hearted and fun, the dogs are actually receiving some much-needed attention and care. Human affection can have a healing impact on dogs who have undergone something traumatic. After surgery, dogs are often confused and scared. Having a human nearby can make this recovery process much quicker and easier. As most people love spending time with dogs, this is a win-win situation.

The Human Society of Tampa Bay is encouraging both locals and animal lovers to become active in this effort. Locals in the Tampa Bay can visit the local Human Society shelter to spend some time with the dogs. There is no obligation and every minute is greatly appreciated.

What do you think about this job description? Can you think of anything better than cuddling with puppies all day long? Make sure to show this video to everyone you know who would love to have this job!